Terrain Biomedical Services

Terrain Biomedical is more than just medical equipment sales, we provide a range of biomedical services.

& Repair

Terrain’s biomedical technicians are available around the clock to serve your emergency medical equipment repair needs

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Even for clients who have an in-house maintenance staff, the care of complex hospital equipment can be a time-consuming task.

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& Certification

To provide patients with the best quality of care possible, medical institutions and practitioners must meet the needs of every patient.

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New Purchase

Whether the device is in an operating room or a patient room, we will inspect, certify, and setup all your newly purchased equipment.

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Safety Testing

All electrical equipment in a clinically setting must be electrically safety tested whether in a laboratory or patient room.

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Replacement Parts
& Accessories

Every medical part and accessory that arrives at our space is thoroughly tested and certified to ensure 100% working order.

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& De-installation

Terrain Biomedical installs the equipment that we sell, and we can teach you how to use it upon request.

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As a complete medical equipment lifecycle partner, Terrain is also able to offer training services to your staff on our certified medical equipment.

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Our biomedical engineers know the equipment that they work with inside and out, so they know the true value of recommending it to our clients.

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Biomedical Equipment Services

We offer consulting and planning services and remove your existing equipment and install the new medical devices. Our preventive maintenance program can improve the longevity of your equipment. Looking for parts or accessories? We’ve got them.

  • With our medical equipment repair services, you can send your equipment to us or we can come to you in some cases
  • If you equipment does break down or you want to trial a new piece of medical equipment, check out our short and long term rental programs
Biomedical Services