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Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility Services

Skilled nursing facilities are not exclusively designed for senior citizens needing long-term care. Skilled nursing services cater to diverse medical needs and a variety of patients.

The need for skilled nursing facilities is on the rise with new trends slowly emerging. facilities are no longer what we recall. Memories of hospital like environments, cafeteria food and limited activities are in the past. We are seeing an increased effort to transform outdated facilities to ones that are patient and family friendly designed to maximize independence and dignity and recovery.

Quality Care Requires Quality Equipment

Because of this growing trend, Terrain Biomedical has expanded our preventative maintenance and services to include equipment in these facilities.

  • Short and long term
  • Rehabilitation
  • Skilled nursing

We established Terrain Biomedical to serve clients who deserve more. We are offering cost effective pro-medical sales and services from a position of complete life cycle service.
Our work is documented and labeled to meet inspection criteria from the Joint Commission, SMS and other state regulatory agencies.
Packages are customizable and includes inventory collection, initial service visit, preventative maintenance and asset management.

We Service The Following: