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Electrical Safety Testing

Terrain Biomedical verifies that all medical equipment is tested and complies with all electrical safety requirements given by OSHA, IES, the Illinois Department of Public Health, and the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health. All electrical equipment in a clinically setting must be electrically safety tested whether in a laboratory or patient room. All testing equipment is annually calibrated to ensure proper electrical safety testing.

Our electrical safety testing starts with a visual inspection. Each device is checked for damage and cracks to the integrity of each part. We perform ground bond tests to confirm the electrical current is properly grounded, which reduces the risk of shock to the operator and patient. This is especially important at the connection between the outlet and plug where devices must comply with contact standards. We perform an insulation resistance test to verify the device is properly insulated from ground and the enclosure.

Terrain goes one step further than the competitors when it comes to comprehensive electrical safety testing. Most testers only validate that the protective earth resistance complies with industry standards. We test that this measurement complies with safety standards, as well as operator leakage current, patient leakage current, and insulation resistance. Terrain Biomedical uses calibrated state-of-the art test equipment to verify all these parameters are within the guidelines for patient and caretaker.

These tests are very important to ensure the health of both the operator and the patient. Electrical safety testing is vital to guarantee that the device functions safely and reliably. The dangers of electrical shock cannot be ignored or forgotten. Comprehensive electrical safety testing is crucial to avoid catastrophe.

We test all devices and equipment to be in accordance of NFPA 99 and IEC 60601, 60603, and 62353. These codes uniformly ensure safe electrical practices. Many companies that electrically test medical equipment have not fully adopted these up-to-date standards. Terrain actively follows and complies with the most up-to-date standards in the industry. We understand the purpose and benefits of these standards and have taken the necessary preparatory steps to adopt and integrate safety tests to completely comply with and go beyond industry standards.