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One of the Largest Pre-Owned Medical Parts & Accessories Inventories

Medical equipment end users, repair professionals, clinical engineers, and clients who perform their own repairs all benefit from Terrain’s extensive medical parts and accessories inventory.

As one of the largest medical parts and accessories suppliers in the country, Terrain Biomedical houses everything from the smallest components to the largest medical devices. We often help clients identify the correct parts or accessories they need to keep their equipment up and running. As Medical Equipment Consultants, we also offer expert advice for a wide range of applications including hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, treatment centers and more.

Medical Part Resourcing

Every medical part and accessory that arrives at our space is thoroughly tested and certified by our biomedical engineers to ensure 100% working order. Our clients look to us not only for the volume of parts and accessories that we offer, but also for the quality we continue to deliver.

Medical Parts & Accessories Inventory

Because we’re well-known for our parts and accessories inventory, we receive a lot of unusual requests from our clients.

Some of the more popular medical accessories and parts we keep in stock are:

  • EKG cables
  • Blood pressure cuffs and hoses
  • IBP cables
  • Batteries
  • SpO2 finger sensor and extension cables (Masimo and Nellcor)
  • Temperature sensors
  • Hospital grade power cables
  • Rolling stands
  • Carts
  • Defibrillator paddles
  • Pacing cables