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Learn more about our Biomed Services for Short Term, Long Term and Rehab Facilities

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Terrain Biomedical: Your Equipment Life Cycle Partner

Consultation & Planning: Our biomedical engineers develop a custom plan for you based on your environment, applications, budget, and preferences.

Equipment Sales: From parts and accessories through Terrain-certified medical equipment, our sales process is supported by expert engineers who can help you choose the right equipment or service for your specific application.

Installation & De-installation: We install new equipment, and we can teach you how to use it upon request. If you need to free up space, we can also assist you with the removal of any size or type of equipment.

Preventive Maintenance: Eliminating downtime is essential to the health of your operations, so we encourage regularly scheduled maintenance plans to avoid interruptions in care and to satisfy legal requirements.

Repairs: No matter what you do, some events are unavoidable. For these special circumstances, we offer on-demand repair service when you need it most.

Parts & Accessories: Equipment end users, repair professionals, and clinical engineers all benefit from our extensive parts and accessories inventory. As one of the largest in the country, it houses everything from the smallest components to the largest medical devices.

Equipment Purchase: Do you have items you are looking to sell or trade in? We buy millions of dollars’ worth of pre-owned equipment every year. Whether you are upgrading to newer models or you just want to unload items you no longer need, we are interested in purchasing your equipment.

  • Patient Monitoring / Anesthesia (GE, Mindray, Philips, Spacelabs & more)
  • Electrosurgical Units (ESUs)
  • Electronic Tourniquets
  • Surgical / OR Tables
  • Table Top Sterilizers / Autoclaves
  • & much more