Hosptial Equipment Preventive Maintenance & Calibration

Eliminating medical equipment downtime is essential to the health of your operations. Terrain Biomedical strongly encourages regularly scheduled Preventative Maintenance plans to avoid interruptions in care and to satisfy legal requirements.

Even for clients who have an in-house maintenance staff, the care of complex hospital equipment can be a time-consuming task. Our biomedical engineers know exactly what each piece of medical equipment is supposed to do… and what it’s not. The tremendous level of service provided in our Preventative Maintenance programs saves you time and money by ensuring that medical equipment performs according to the highest standards, at all times.

Typical Provisions of Preventative Maintenance Plans:

  • Annual equipment inspection per your specified industry
  • Adjustments, repairs and medical equipment certification as needed
  • Recommendations for parts or replacements as needed

Preventative Maintenance for Biomedical Equipment – Overview

Preventative Maintenance for biomedical equipment is critical – but it also provides many great benefits. Maintaining equipment to OEM specifications helps reduce the long-term equipment cost. More importantly, it dramatically reduces downtime and leads to fewer liability issues for your business.

Terrain Biomedical PM services not only ensure equipment remains certified, but helps identify issues before they take equipment off-line. In the bigger picture, routine Preventative Maintenance facilitates the overall health of your business.

Many health care providers cannot weigh the financial benefits of high-performing equipment in the medical environment until it breaks down. The use of medical equipment is critical for the monitoring and execution of proper healthcare. Preventative Maintenance ensures your business delivers those service while upholding the highest standards for safety and efficiency.

Over the years, Terrain Biomedical has built a team of experienced, qualified engineers, with vast experience, which gives us an advantage over the competition. Today, we are one of the leading providers of high-quality Preventative Maintenance services for biomedical equipment – in the entire country.

A main focus of Terrain’s PM services is to transition our customers from reactive to proactive which is why we focus on customer service first. We not only offer cost efficient repairs, but we can manage of your equipment certification requirements. We also offer rapid response equipment services including repairs (both on and off-site), installation, set up, and rental/lease equipment.


Brands We Sell & Service

Medical Equipment Preventative Maintenance & Certification Combined

Terrain Certified offers a uniquely comprehensive service that delivers value and peace of mind to clients.

Pairing a PM program alongside Terrain’s medical equipment certification service creates an all-in-one managed service that alleviates a lot of stress and downtime for your business.

Terrain Biomedical offer one-time service options or ongoing maintenance contracts where we manage the update and certification process for you.

Defibrillator Maintenance Services

Compliancy is extremely important in all medical industries. There are strict guidelines to meet in terms of regulatory agency requirements. One often overlooked example is with defibrillators which require routine maintenance for use in a wide range applications and industries.

There are very few biomedical technicians that are qualified to comprehensively inspect and certify a modern-day defibrillator. (Particularly since new technologies are incorporated all the time, such as blue tooth, synchronization, pacing and more.)


Corrective Maintenance and Full Service Medical Equipment Repair

Terrain actually provides the entire, full-service medical equipment repair capabilities. This is the main difference between us and our competitors. We don’t simply monitor the issues and provide feedback, we give solutions and cost-effective pricing to repair your medical equipment.

As an added value to our preventative maintenance services – we can provide IMMEDIATE Corrective Maintenance and repair services. Whether on-site or in our depot, we can offer extremely quick turn-around on medical equipment repair work. We also offer medical equipment rental options on a wide range of products.

Terrain Corrective Maintenance services help our clients when timing is critical.

Preventative Maintenance – Industries Served

Whereas many biomedical technicians will diagnose a problem, they are often unable to fix it. Terrain Biomedical has the unique ability to actually fix the equipment in the following sectors:

  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Dental Sedation / Capnography
  • General Patient Exam Rooms
  • Home Rehabilitation
  • Physical Therapy Centers
  • Recovery Centers / Skilled Nursing – Long Term & Assisted Living
  • Treatment Centers
  • Universities
  • Veterinary Hospitals
  • And More

We also offer medical equipment rental to help keep your business running.

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