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Learn more about our Biomed Services for Short Term, Long Term and Rehab Facilities

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Medical Equipment Installation De-installation Services

Terrain Biomedical installs the equipment that we sell, and we can teach you how to use it upon request. If you need to free up space, we can also assist you with the removal of any size or type of equipment.

Our background in biomedical engineering gives us a unique perspective into your environment. We inherently understand how to correctly position and prepare hospital equipment for use, so we help to optimize your working process. Items are simply ready when you need, where you need them, all without compromising the standards of care you promise to your own clients.

Medical Equipment Training
As part of the medical equipment installation process, our biomedical engineers can also train you or your staff to competently operate and care for the new equipment. We will commit as little or as much time as you need.

Finally, for circumstances where old equipment needs to go, we will also take down and remove items for you. There is no need to hire an additional company to move outdated or unnecessary pieces of medical equipment. Let us help you make more room for the tools that you do need.

Terrain is also one of the most active used medical equipment buyers in the nation.

Field Repair

Our technicians repair medical equipment in surgery centers, hospitals, doctors offices and more. You can also bring your medical equipment to us for repairs and we can offer you a loaner.

We offer in the field inspections and will troubleshoot your issue over phone if needed.