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Erbe VIO 300D

Erbe VIO 300D Electrosurgical Unit: Advanced Precision for Optimal Surgical Outcomes

Choose the Erbe VIO 300D for your surgical suite and experience the difference in precision, safety, and efficiency that Erbe’s technology brings to the forefront of patient care.

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Erbe VIO 300D


The Erbe VIO 300D, with its sophisticated technology and adaptable functionality, is engineered to support the complex demands of modern surgical procedures. It provides an unparalleled level of control and flexibility, allowing surgeons to perform with greater accuracy and confidence.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Enhanced Cutting and Coagulation Options: The VIO 300D offers diverse cutting modes and coagulation options, enabling precise tissue dissection and effective hemostasis. This versatility allows for tailored surgical approaches, minimizing tissue damage and promoting quicker patient recovery.
  • Innovative Safety Features: Equipped with Erbe’s proprietary safety mechanisms, including continuous tissue monitoring and dynamic power adjustment, the VIO 300D significantly reduces the risk of thermal injuries, ensuring a safer surgical environment.
  • Intuitive Interface and Programmability: A user-centric design features an intuitive touchscreen interface and programmable settings, simplifying the selection of surgical modes and preferences. This enhances efficiency and reduces setup times, allowing surgical teams to focus more on patient care.
  • Broad Range of Applications: The VIO 300D is adept at handling a multitude of surgical procedures, from general surgery and dermatology to specialized fields such as gynecology and urology, making it a versatile tool in any surgical setting.

The Erbe VIO 300D Electrosurgical Unit redefines the boundaries of surgical technology, offering a blend of advanced features and ease of use that empowers healthcare professionals to deliver exceptional patient care and surgical precision. By incorporating the latest advancements in electrosurgery, the VIO 300D stands as an essential instrument in the pursuit of surgical excellence.


  • Maximum CUT output 300 Watt at 500 ohms (with PPS temporary 400 Watt)
  • Maximum COAG output up to 200 Watt
  • Safety system NESSY
  • Frequency 350 kHz
  • Mains connection
  • Supply voltage 100 V – 120 V/220 V – 240 V ± 10%
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz
    Mains current max. 8 A/4 A
  • Power input during stand-by 40 Watt
  • Power input during max. electrosurgical output 500 Watt / 920 VA
  • Potential equalization connection yes
  • Fuse T 8 A/T 4 A
  • Dimensions and weight
  • Width x Height x Depth 410 x 160 x 370 mm
  • Weight 9.5 kg
  • Ambient temperature for the transport and storage of the unit
  • Temperature – 40º C to + 70º C
  • Relative humidity 10 % – 95 %
  • Ambient temperature during operation of the unit
  • Temperature +10º C to + 40º C
  • Relative humidity 15 % – 85 %



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