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Erbe ICC200

The Erbe ICC 200 Electrosurgical Unit embodies the fusion of innovative technology and practical design, setting new standards for surgical equipment. By offering unmatched precision, safety, and versatility, the ICC 200 empowers healthcare professionals to achieve excellence in patient care and surgical outcomes.

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Erbe ICC200


Erbe ICC 200 Electrosurgical Unit: Advanced Technology for Optimal Surgical Performance

Embrace the future of electrosurgery with the Erbe ICC 200, where cutting-edge technology enhances surgical precision and safety.

The ERBIE ICC 200, a comfortable unit for all those who need no more than 200 watts of output, with CUT CONTROL for sharply defined, reproducible cutting quality. Optional ENDO CUT gives the best in cut control.

Features and Benefits:

  • Precision Cutting and Coagulation: The ICC 200 offers superior cutting and coagulation modes that adapt to different tissue types, enabling precise tissue dissection and effective hemostasis with reduced thermal damage.
  • Smart Safety Systems: Featuring advanced safety protocols, including real-time tissue monitoring and adaptive power control, the ICC 200 minimizes the risk of thermal injuries, enhancing patient safety during surgeries.
  • Intuitive Interface: Designed for ease of use, the ICC 200 features a clear and intuitive control panel, allowing clinicians to adjust settings quickly and efficiently, streamlining the surgical workflow.
  • Flexible Surgical Applications: Equipped to handle a variety of surgical disciplines, from general surgery to specialized fields such as gastroenterology and urology, the ICC 200 is a versatile tool that meets the diverse needs of healthcare professionals.


  • Optional ENDO CUT™ for use with snare wires and sphincterotomes
  • Power on Demand – As much as necessary, as little as possible
  • Forced Coag™
  • Soft Coag™
  • Expandable for Argon use


  • Width: 280mm
  • Height:152 mm
  • Depth: 368 mm
  • Weight: 8 kg


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