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Ellman Surgitron Dual EMC 90

The Ellman Surgitron Dual EMC 90 Electrosurgical Unit is an exceptional tool for medical professionals seeking a blend of precision, versatility, and safety in soft tissue surgeries. Its advanced features and efficient design make it a valuable asset in achieving optimal surgical outcomes while ensuring patient safety and comfort.

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Ellman Surgitron Dual EMC 90


Ellman Surgitron Dual EMC 90 Electrosurgical Unit: Enhanced Control for Electrosurgical Precision

The Ellman Surgitron Dual EMC 90 Electrosurgical Unit is a top-tier device designed to offer superior precision and versatility in electrosurgical procedures. It stands out in the field of soft tissue surgery for its ability to deliver meticulous cuts with minimal thermal damage, making it highly suitable for dermatology, cosmetic surgery, ENT, and other delicate surgical applications.

Key Features:

  • Dual Frequency Operation: This unit features both 4.0 MHz for cutting and 1.7 MHz for coagulation. The higher frequency ensures precise, fine cuts with reduced thermal spread, while the lower frequency effectively manages coagulation with minimal tissue damage.
  • Versatile Modes of Operation: Equipped with multiple modes including cut, blend, coagulation, and fulguration, the Surgitron Dual EMC 90 offers comprehensive options to accommodate a variety of surgical needs and preferences.

Enhanced Surgical Precision and Outcomes:

  • Reduced Scar Tissue Formation: The high-frequency cut mode produces less heat, resulting in cleaner cuts and reduced scar tissue formation, which is particularly beneficial in cosmetic procedures.
  • Effective Hemostasis: Delivers reliable coagulation capabilities, essential for maintaining clear surgical fields and minimizing patient blood loss.

User-Friendly Design and Functionality:

  • Intuitive Control Panel: Simple and straightforward controls allow for quick adjustments of power settings, making it easy for surgeons to adapt to different phases of a procedure without interruption.
  • Compact Design: The unit’s compact size makes it an ideal choice for various clinical environments, ensuring easy integration and mobility within the surgical suite.

Safety Features:

  • Audio Feedback System: Provides audible cues that help distinguish tissue types during surgery, enhancing procedural safety and precision.
  • Built-in Safety Protocols: Designed with important safety features to prevent accidental power overuse and ensure that the unit operates within safe parameters.


  • Broad Clinical Utility: Excellently suited for procedures requiring high precision and minimal tissue damage, such as in dermatology, ENT, ophthalmic surgeries, and fine cosmetic surgeries.
  • Compatibility with Accessories: Can be used with a wide range of surgical electrodes and other accessories, allowing for tailored surgical approaches based on specific patient or procedural needs.


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