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Bovie 2350

The Bovie 2350 Electrosurgical Unit (ESU) is a sophisticated device tailored for the demanding requirements of modern surgery, offering exceptional precision and versatility across a wide array of electrosurgical procedures. Engineered for reliability and ease of use, the Bovie 2350 is designed to support both monopolar and bipolar functions, making it a comprehensive solution for cutting, coagulation, and fulguration in clinical settings ranging from private practices to large hospitals. With its advanced features and intuitive operation, the Bovie 2350 stands as a testament to Bovie’s commitment to innovation in medical technology, enhancing surgical outcomes and patient safety.

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Bovie 2350


Bovie 2350 Electrosurgical Unit: Precision and Versatility for Modern Surgery

Choose the Bovie 2350 for your surgical needs to experience the forefront of electrosurgical technology, where cutting-edge functionality meets clinical excellence, ensuring optimal outcomes for patients.

The Bovie 2350 distinguishes itself as a high-performance ESU, capable of meeting the nuanced needs of today’s surgical environments. Its blend of power, precision, and safety features makes it an invaluable asset for healthcare professionals seeking to optimize surgical efficacy and patient care.

Features and Benefits:

  • High-Efficiency Power Output: Offering up to 200 watts of power, the Bovie 2350 is equipped for a variety of surgical tasks, including intricate cutting and effective coagulation, ensuring versatility across procedures.
  • Comprehensive Mode Selection: Features an extensive range of modes for both monopolar and bipolar applications, allowing surgeons to customize the electrosurgical approach to specific clinical needs and patient conditions.
  • Advanced Safety Protocols: Incorporates Bovie’s proprietary safety mechanisms, designed to minimize the risk of thermal injury, thereby enhancing patient safety during electrosurgical procedures.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The unit boasts an intuitive control panel and digital displays for easy adjustment of settings and modes, facilitating a smooth surgical workflow and reducing setup times.

The Bovie 2350 Electrosurgical Unit represents a pinnacle in electrosurgical innovation, providing a perfect blend of functionality, safety, and ease of use. It enables healthcare professionals to perform at their best, delivering superior care with confidence and precision.


  • Power Specifications: Capable of delivering up to 200 watts in cut mode, with finely tunable power settings for precise control over surgical outcomes.
  • Mode Variability: Offers a wide selection of surgical modes, including cut, blend, standard coagulation, fulguration, and bipolar, to accommodate diverse surgical techniques and preferences.
  • Durability and Design: Constructed with durability in mind, the Bovie 2350’s compact design allows for easy integration into any surgical environment, ensuring reliable performance under rigorous use.
  • Operational Efficiency: Designed for efficiency, the unit features quick-touch controls and presets, enhancing usability and operational speed during procedures.


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