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Used Medical Equipment Rolling Meadows

Used Medical Equipment Rolling Meadows


Used Medical Equipment Rolling Meadows – Terrain Biomedical – 773.697.8400

Anesthesia Monitors Available at Terrain Biomedical

With most procedures that involve administering an anesthetic, medical professionals must have an anesthesia monitor they can depend on 24/7. Without a doubt, Terrain Biomedical carries a varied selection of pre-owned and new anesthesia monitors. Each unit offers the features that medical staff needs such as multiple-lead ECG monitoring and wave form displays. In addition, they have anesthetic five agent bench and optional wireless connectivity.

Terrain Biomedical sells, rents, repairs and performs maintenance for quality refurbished monitors from several leading brands including General Elections, Mindray/Datascope and Philips. Indeed, ever since 2006 we’ve been a leading source of anesthesia monitors for purchase and rent. We confirm that each monitor we add to our inventory is calibrated and complies with OEM specs.

Terrain Biomedical carries a range of cost-effective solutions for reliable anesthesia monitors. Additionally, we provide preventive maintenance to assure reliable performance.

The GE Dash Series

The series from GE features dependable patient monitors that are versalite and user-friendly. Because your medical facility aims to serve every patient with quality care, this series offers accurate, relevant information.

Used Medical Equipment Rolling Meadows – Terrain Biomedical – 773.697.8400

GE Dash monitors feature a modular and transportable concept that enables providers to track their patients. Each unit in the series adapts to patient needs in most any form of high acuity instances. With these reliable monitors, physicians and nurses access the clinical information they require to make accurate decisions.

Thanks to their portability, Dash Series monitors are easy to move among various sections of a hospital. Furthermore, an optional battery feature lasts for up to 5 hours and can change out without loss of power. Wireless and mobility options enable users to monitor patients in emergency vehicles too. Consequently, GE Dash monitors continually monitor patients to enable a custom information flow that informs treatment decisions.

GE Dash Patient Anesthesia Monitors Perform Anywhere in Your Facility

  • -The GE Dash 2000: User-friendly, display of 5.8 inches.
  • -GE Dash 3000: Lightweight and durable, 8.4 inch display.
  • -GE Dash 4000: Bedside monitor, 10.4 inch display screen. Dependable performance, flexible monitor that provides complete information even during transportation. Sturdy design allows for fast relocation. Wireless capability permits the option of moving the equipment along with the patient.
  • -GE Dash 5000: A 12.1 inch screen provides easily readable functions. It’s this unequaled flexibility of the series of anesthesia monitors that make them such a smart choice for medical facilities.

In addition to monitors, we also stock a large selection of medical equipment.

Used Medical Equipment Rolling Meadows – Terrain Biomedical – 773.697.8400