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Used Medical Equipment Park Ridge

Used Medical Equipment Park Ridge


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Healthcare professionals use electrocardiogram (ECG) machines to monitor and document the heart’s electrical activities. Each heartbeat generates electrical impulses in the heart. To measure those impulses, healthcare staff places sensors at various points on the patient’s body. Atypical electrical activities often signals conditions such as low blood flow, heart attack and arrhythmia.

Demand for accurate, portable ECG monitors continues to grow throughout the industry. ECGs require precise filtering, processing power and integrated graphics control that’s separate from the main microcontroller’s core.

Terrain Biomedical is a leading source of ECGs, pulse oximeters and more.

A non-invasive, electronic-optical device, pulse oximeters measure patient heart rate. Also, they measure blood oxygen saturation levels. Green, red and infrared LEDs offer convenience and a common light source. Pulse oximeter designs offer low power consumption along with digital and analog filtering. Healthcare practitioners implement them as stand-alone devices as well as a part of vital sign monitor systems.

Proactive defibrillation is a vital component in the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest. Terrain Biomedical carries automated external defibrillators to fulfill the needs of first responders, hospitals and other medical facilities.

Defibrillators provide useful feedback on the rate and depth of chest compressions. They are part of a large, integrated product line of defibrillators made to advance resuscitation procedures. Call Terrain Biomedical for:

  • -AEDs.
  • -High Current Defibrillators.
  • -Defibrillators for emergency medical services.
  • -Hospital and pediatric defibrillators.

Patient Monitors – Used Medical Equipment Park Ridge

Choose from a wide selection of digital and aneroid systems. Our patient monitors combine user-friendly diagnostic equipment with innovative software solutions. As a result, monitors help increase efficiencies and minimize errors while advancing patient care. We stock cost-effective professional equipment that you can count on for accurate monitoring vital signs.

Terrain Biomedical’s service technicians remain available night and day to provide the quality, refurbished medical equipment your facility needs. Each of our technicians has a background in biomedical engineering. As a result, we can address the equipment problems promptly. Our dependable repair solutions restore your systems quickly so service disruption remains minimal. Also, we provide depot services as well as on-location equipment repair.

Used Medical Equipment Park Ridge – 773-697-8400

Without a doubt, Terrain Biomedical serves as a leading provider of quality repairs. Furthermore, we offer consultation and training services to our customers. Coupled with our dedication to customer care, we’ve become a leading in medical equipment solutions. Indeed, our customers count on us for all their medical equipment needs.