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Used Medical Equipment Mount Prospect

Used Medical Equipment Mount Prospect


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From tracking vital signs and emergency care to a variety of surgery environments, patient monitors serve a number of applications. They are a type of equipment that’s common to many different facilities. Terrain Biomedical reconditions patient monitors for various medical uses for tracking CO2, SpO2, EKG, NIBP and 5 agent analysis.

When your medical facility needs patient monitors, we stock them in the following categories:

Usage Environments: The primary function of recording patient vital signs is to set a clear baseline. Facilities use the information when admitting a patient to a hospital, care center or physician’s office, for instance. Physicians and nurses record and observe vital signs as they administer care.

Vital Sign Monitors: record signs of life such as blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate and temperature.

When these indicators are above zero they signal the patient is alive. Monitors enable medical personnel to observe and measure each of these vital signs. As a result, this enables the assessment of the levels at which the patient functions.

Ongoing patient monitoring is a useful tool that provides information on patient status. With real time information from monitors, medical personnel evaluate a patient’s condition and issue the most appropriate treatment decisions.

Used Medical Equipment Mount Prospect

These systems usually include a central station monitor that receives, displays and consolidates information. Furthermore, bedside monitors which are near to the patient show data including respiratory rate. In addition, they can display EKG, blood pressure and body temperature.

Environments for patient monitors: Hospitals, patient transporting and general care facilities

Patient monitors are also known as vital sign monitors, neonatal monitors, acute care monitor systems and single-patient monitors.

At Terrain Biomedical our clients have the choice of renting or buying Used Medical Equipment Mount Prospect. Equipment is available for short or long-term usage. Contact us to learn more.

In conclusion, Terrain Biomedical is much more than a vendor. We are a partner that actively influences operations and purchase decisions. Very knowledgeable and well-trained, our staff of biomedical engineers possess a detailed expertise in medical equipment. We understand the real world value and significance of medical equipment when we recommend it to our customers. Our staff adheres to strict procedures when refurbishing equipment to OEM specifications. Our engineers are qualified to complete repairs, preventive maintenance and re-certifications for major equipment makers.

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