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Used Medical Equipment Elk Grove Village

Used Medical Equipment Elk Grove Village – Terrain Biomedical – 773-697-8400

When you’re about to start planning a primary care business, it helps to divide your project into steps. One of the first steps will probably be obtaining essential Used Medical Equipment Elk Grove Village. If you’ll be handling the procurement of equipment, you’re likely aware of the fundamental items you’ll need. Here’s a list of the basics:


-Automated external defibrillator.


-Basic diagnostics such as a blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter and thermometer.



-Computers and printers.

-Emergency gear and supplies like aspirators, masks, oxygen and resuscitation bags.

-An ECG unit and supporting accessories

-Examination tables.

-Vision charts.

-Janitorial gear.


-Water filtration systems.


-Lab diagnostic essentials such as urine and glucose analyzers, microscopes and a specimen refrigerator.

-Protective gloves, masks, aprons and eyewear.

-Spirometer, fetal monitors.

-Specialized lights.

-Stainless steel instruments.

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Procuring Used Medical Equipment Elk Grove Village for a private medical practice is not much different than doing so for a hospital. However, there are some differences when you’re buying for a primary care practitioner. These include issues like patient flow and delivery considerations. For example, there may not be a loading dock at your location. A few things to consider include:

Standard balance scales are still dependable for patient body data. However, you may wish to upgrade to a unit that addresses risk of cross-contamination. Additionally, the obesity epidemic is another issue to consider. As a result, you may require scales able to handle weights as high as one thousand pounds.

In the examination rooms, will you prefer automatic or manual examination tables? Whichever type works for your personnel is fine. Although what works for your patients is even more important. For instance, a lower height of 18 inches might be easier for patients. Our Used Medical Equipment Elk Grove Village inventory may also include furniture specialized for podiatry or dental practices.

Other varieties of Used Medical Equipment Elk Grove Village to consider includes emergency equipment. We stock defibrillators and oxygen supplementation gear along with infection prevention items such as gloves, masks and eyewear dispensers.

As a leading supplier of refurbished Used Medical Equipment Elk Grove Village, we are here to help outfit your facility every step of the way. In some cases, care facilities may order their equipment from several different sources. As a consequence, this can lead to multiple delivery appointments. With Terrain Biomedical, however, you’ll benefit from single source equipment shopping. You’ll have one contact who ensures the quality of your Used Medical Equipment Elk Grove Village so it arrives on schedule ready for use.

Used Medical Equipment  – Terrain Biomedical – 773-697-8400

For any medical facility, minimizing equipment malfunctions and downtime is critical. Terrain Biomedical encourages our clients to take advantage of our Preventive Maintenance plans. Well-maintained equipment limits interruptions in caregiving while also complying with legal guidelines.

Maintaining sophisticated medical appliances takes experience and expertise. Even for facilities with their own dedicated maintenance personnel, maintenance can take a considerable amount of time.

Our biomedical techs are well-trained and understand what every component of Used Medical Equipment Elk Grove Village should do. The high level of customer care we provide saves time and expense. When you enroll your practice in our maintenance plan, it assures that your equipment remains online and it optimal condition. Furthermore, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that risk of breakdowns is minimal.

Terrain Biomedical’s Preventative Maintenance Plans Typically Include:

-Yearly inspection of medical equipment according to your specific industry.

-Repairs, adjustments and equipment certification as you need it.

-We recommend parts or Used Medical Equipment Elk Grove Village replacements.

An Overview of Preventive Maintenance for Medical Equipment

Consistent preventive maintenance is essential for any medical equipment and offers a number of benefits. Complying with original equipment specifications serves to limit long term costs, for instance. Equally important, it significantly minimizes downtime and results in less liability concerns for your facility.

Terrain Biomedical’s services ensure your equipment stays consistently certified. Furthermore, maintenance identifies problems before they might place equipment out of service. In the wider view of things, regular preventive maintenance simply strengthens your business. Additionally, it’s an affordable service that’s cheaper than ongoing equipment repairs.

Some health care facilities may not weigh the fiscal benefits of dependable equipment in a medical setting. However, when equipment breaks down the importance of maintenance becomes clear. For instance, an equipment malfunction during a medical precedure wastes time and expense.

The functionality of medical equipment is essential for monitoring and delivering responsible healthcare. Preventative maintenance assures your facility delivers those services while sustaining high standards for safe practices.

Terrain Biomedical remains dedicated to outstanding customer care. We maintain a staff of qualified personnel, which consistently provides us – and our customers – and advantage. Today, we’re among the top sources of quality Used Medical Equipment Elk Grove Village.

Outfitting a Medical Care Facility? Here’s a brief listing of some basic “must have” equipment:

-Examination Tables. An adjustable table is a fundamental part of an exam room. A power examination table that adjusts to 18 inches, for example, is useful. They’re also compliant with the ADA.

-Integrated Diagnostic Systems. These devices provide everything you’ll need to perform a standard examination. With an IDS, you can do checks with an otoscope, ophthalmoscope and electronic thermometer. With a diagnostic system, everything you’ll require for medical examinations is conveniently accessible. Additionally, the Used Medical Equipment Elk Grove Village remains charged to prevent service disruption.

If your wall space is limited, consider a wall-mounted unit with adjustable heads to accommodate patient needs. If you can’t accommodate integrated systems, consider a modular vital sign monitor.

-Desk Chargers. If your facility has small examination rooms, add a few desk chargers to your medical equipment plans. Small and convenient, chargers can sit on desk, countertop or surfaces. They’re adaptable for use with instruments like otoscopes and provide an endless energy source. Additionally, about our staff about desk chargers with interchangeable handles. They can pair with multiple tool heads like ophthalmoscopes or otoscopes.

At Terrain Biomedical, one of our goals is to help our customers be proactive. It’s why we put so much emphasis on customer care. We not only provide cost effective Used Medical Equipment Elk Grove Village repairs, but we also can manage your certification needs. Call us today to learn about our fast response services for repairs, installations and rental options. We perform repairs both on and off site.

-Examination Lights. Another necessity for performing quality medical care. Our inventory offers a wide range of choices from halogen lights and fiber optics to mobile lights.

Spot Vitals: Typically all-in-one modular vital sign instruments. Spot vitals are among the simplest and most efficient devices in the exam room. They are used to check blood pressure, heart rate, SpO2 and temperature. Also, there are mobile versions, which allows for use in multiple examination rooms.

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-Electrocardiagram (ECG) Devices. We offer a selection of several ECG devices. The size and medical services at your location will serve a role in which models are most appropriate. Newer ECG models will enable you to produce and manage data suitable for electronic health records.

-Spirometers. Innovative spirometer technologies may offer you the tools you’ll need for assessing pulmonary issues. For example, a spirometer can assess an obstructive restrictive disorder. Some models are “child-friendly” to encourage them to adhere to required steps for optimal results.

-Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). These are practically a necessity for medical care locations. Always ready for immediate use, recent AED models can help improve results in emergencies.

Whatever the size and scope of your medical facility, you’ll find affordable, quality Used Medical Equipment Elk Grove Village here. Additionally, we’re here to serve as a partner while you expand your facility. To place and order or find more information, contact Terrain Biomedical today at 773-697-8400.

Regardless of how much we may prepare, unexpected events are pretty hard to avoid. This particularly holds true when it comes to the medical field. Fortunately, our experienced biomedical techs provide on-demand medical equipment repair. When your medical facility needs us, we are here to help!

A Terrain Biomedical, we remain available 24/7 to fulfill all your emergency equipment repair requirements. All of our service technicians have a background in biomedical engineering. They can identify problems efficiently and provide prompt solutions. As a result, your systems go back online as soon as possible. We also provide depot services. Or, we can come to your medical site to perform expert medical equipment repair services.

*Thorough Inspection, Testing, Calibration of Your Used Medical Equipment Elk Grove Village

Contact Terrain Biomedical for Any of the Following:

-Safety evaluations.

-Preventive maintenance.

-Compliance reports.

-Diagnostics and troubleshooting.

-On location repairs. We don’t outsource.

-Product training services.

-Scale calibrating.

-Maintain logs of equipment inventory.

To prevent emergency equipment situations, we urge our customers to enroll in our excellent Preventive Maintenance Program. It enables our techs to inspect your facility’s equipment on a regular schedule. This avoids problems and ensures optimal function.

Medical Equipment Basics – Pacemakers

Pacemakers are a fairly small device doctors implant in the patient’s abdomen or chest. It serves to manage abnormal heart rhythms. Pacemakers utilize electric pulses which initiate the heart to pump at a normal pace.

Pacemakers are used in the treatment of arrhythmia, which is a problem with the rhythm or rate of the heartbeat. When arrhythmia occurs, the heart may beat too rapidly, too slowly or at an irregular rhythm. In the event the heart beats too quickly it is referred to as tachycardia. In contrast, when the heart beats too slowly it is referred to as bradycardia. During an arrhythmia episode, the heart is not able to circulate enough blood through the body. Consequently, this may lead to tiredness, shortness of breath or even fainting. When severe, an arrhythmia may result in damage to major organs.

The heart contains its own dedicated interior electric system. This system controls the pace and rhythm of the heartbeat. For instance, with every heartbeat, an electric signal goes from the top of the heart to the bottom. As it travels, the signal causes the heart to do its job of pumping blood.

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From tracking vital signs and emergency care to a variety of surgery environments, patient monitors serve a number of applications. They are a type of equipment that’s common to many different facilities. Terrain Biomedical reconditions patient monitors for various medical uses for tracking CO2, SpO2, EKG, NIBP and 5 agent analysis. When your medical facility needs patient monitors, we stock them in the following categories:

-Usage Environments. The primary function of recording patient vital signs is to set a clear baseline. Facilities use the information when admitting a patient to a hospital, care center or physician’s office, for instance. Physicians and nurses record and observe vital signs as they administer care.

-Vital Sign Monitors. Record signs of life such as blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate and temperature. When these indicators are above zero they signal the patient is alive. Monitors enable medical personnel to observe and measure each of these vital signs. As a result, this enables the assessment of the levels at which the patient functions. Ongoing patient monitoring is a useful tool that provides information on patient status. With real time information from monitors, medical personnel evaluate a patient’s condition and issue the most appropriate treatment decisions.

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These systems usually include a central station monitor that receives, displays and consolidates information. Furthermore, bedside monitors which are near to the patient show data including respiratory rate. In addition, they can display EKG, blood pressure and body temperature.

Environments for patient monitors: Hospitals, patient transporting and general care facilities. Patient monitors are also known as vital sign monitors, neonatal monitors, acute care monitor systems and single-patient monitors.

At Terrain Biomedical our clients have the choice of renting or buying Used Medical Equipment Elk Grove Village. Equipment is available for short or long-term usage. Contact us to learn more.

We provide planning and consulting services (more below) and Terrain Biomedical can also remove your existing medical equipment and perform professional installation of new devices for your facility. Our exceptional preventative maintenance program will improve the service lifespan of your new and Used Medical Equipment Elk Grove Village. Searching for accessories or replacement parts? We have them ready for pick up or delivery. With our repair and refurbishment services, you can simply ship your medical equipment and devices to us. (Or, in some cases, we’ll come to your location.) In the event your equipment breaks down or if you would like to try new equipment, we offer rental programs on a long or short term basis.

In addition to providing our customers with quality Used Medical Equipment Elk Grove Village, Terrain Biomedical also offers consultation for hospital equipment.

Are you procuring the right kind of quality equipment for your medical facility or doctor’s office? Whether you’re about to open a new location or need to update your equipment at your current one, it is definitely important that your certified, refurbished Used Medical Equipment Elk Grove Village complies with operational and legal requirements. After all, there isn’t value in obtaining devices that won’t help your services become more efficient and attain your business goals. Our planning and consultation services can help you fulfill these criteria.

The team of engineers at Terrain Biomedical has years of experience in a range of healthcare environments. We can put together a plan that is custom to your Used Medical Equipment needs, environment, budget and preferences. Our strengths lie in a thorough understanding of the distinct equipment requirements of each care environment. We optimize our expertise to educate and advise you in the making of purchasing decisions that positively affect the direction of your enterprise as you continue to expand.


As your reliable partner in complete Used Medical Equipment Elk Grove Village solutions, Terrain Biomedical is able to provide training to your personnel on the use of equipment and devices. Safety is always the priority when it comes how we approach training. Naturally, acquiring new equipment for a healthcare facility typically comes along with some questions. To that end, our consulting and planning services also entail training that helps you and your staff fulfill diagnostic and procedural responsibilities with confidence.

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At Terrain Biomedical, we’re paying top dollar for used medical equipment. If you have a single device or a thousand or more, no order is too large or too small for us to consider. Just follow our simple steps for submitting equipment and our team will get back to you with a fair offer!*

*Terrain Biomedical reserves the right to refuse to buy medical equipment due to brands, type or age.