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Used Medical Equipment Des Plaines

Used Medical Equipment Des Plaines


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Each year in the USA about 10,000 cardiac arrests happen in the workplace. Research shows that while many workplaces prepare for natural weather disasters, many do not have plans for cardiac emergencies. According to the American Heart Association, any effective cardiac emergency planning must include an automated external defibrillator.

Why Businesses Should Have an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

  • -An on-site defibrillator saves valuable time. It significantly raises the odds of surviving since they may be used before the arrival of emergency medical personnel.
  • -Only an electric shock can restore heart rhythms in ventricular fibrillation to normal. In addition, contemporary AEDs won’t permit the user to shock a victim with a heartbeat. This reduces the risks of causing harm to the victim.
  • -Automated External Defibrillators are light, easily portable, safe, compact and user-friendly.
  • -These remarkable units bring a demonstrated history of helping people save lives in work environments and public settings.

Used Medical Equipment Des Plaines – Terrain Biomedical – 773.697.8400

-Putting defibrillators in the workplace can literally make a life or death difference. However, it’s also essential to provide training for your employees on how to use them.

-Out of all the deaths that occur annually from sudden cardiac arrest, over 95 percent of victims die before reaching a hospital. The survival rate improves significantly when someone delivers care within 5 to 7 minutes including treatment with a defibrillator.

-Using a defibrillator on someone experiencing cardiac arrest increases the survival rate by approximately 60 percent.*

-Defibrillation is used for treating life-threatening instances that affect the heart’s rhythm. The defibrillation procedure entails delivering an electrical shock to the heart. The shock causes depolarization of the heart’s muscles. As a result, this restores the heart’s normal electric impulses. The apparatus utilized to deliver the shock is the defibrillator.

The different versions of defibrillators commonly used include external, transvenous and implanted defibrillators.

Some of the earliest varieties of defibrillators would deliver a charge of 300 and 1000 volts to the heart. They were equipped with electrodes that look like paddles. However, these units had some drawbacks because they were big and hard to transport. In addition, post-mortem examinations found the method resulted in damage to heart muscles. Furthermore, they were sometimes not successful in reversing ventricular fibrillation.

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*Occupational Safety and Health Administration.