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Used Medical Equipment Arlington Heights

Used Medical Equipment Arlington Heights


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Hospitals must be ready 24/7 for whatever may come through their doors. Consequently, it is critical that they have essential pieces of medical equipment ready for use around the clock.

In order to deliver comprehensive patient care, there’s certain equipment that all hospitals and care facilities must have. The following list of key equipment is available at low cost through Terrain Biomedical.

Commonly utilized in situations like cardiac arrest or tachycardia. A defibrillator restores normal heart rhythm. They’re an essential tools for hospitals.

Hospital Stretchers
Transportation of patients is important in an emergency. Stretchers are a true must-have for hospitals and medical facilities to have on hand when routing patients through care.

Medical facility sterilizers kill off microbial lifeforms like bacteria, spores and viruses. They are also ideal for sterilizing surgical instruments and other medical tools. For example, an autoclave sterilizes instruments and supplies by utilizing high-pressure steam for a short time.

Anesthesia Machines
These essential devices provide a continuous, accurate supply of medical gas. They serve to sustain proper levels of anesthesia to the patient. Contemporary anesthesia machines typically feature tools like a ventilator, patient monitor device and suction unit.

Patient Monitors
Patient monitors are common pieces of equipment for tracking patient condition before, during and after surgical procedures. They are a necessity for adult, neonatal and pediatric patients.

Terrain’s biomedical service technicians are ready and standing by to fulfill your emergency medical equipment repair requirements. Each tech has a background in biomedical engineering. Our staff can address problems efficiently and provide solutions that restore your systems quickly. We provide depot services, or we can come to your facility for on location repairs.

Used Medical Equipment Arlington Heights – Terrain Biomedical – 2633 Greenleaf Avenue, Elk Grove Village, Illinois

EKG and ECG Machines
Machines that record the heart’s electrical activities during a period of time. Enables health care providers to track the heart’s rhythm and detect abnormalities.

Surgical Tables
Another necessity for hospitals. Healthcare providers use them for patient prep, surgeries and post-surgery recovery.

Blankets and Fluid Warmers
Body temperatures that aren’t maintained in surgical procedures can result in post-surgery hypothermia. Additionally it can lead to prolonged hospital stays and risk of infection. That’s why blankets and fluid warmers are such an essential item for hospitals.

Contact Terrain Biomedical for high quality Used Medical Equipment Arlington Heights. We stock a large inventory of all the equipment you’ll need for your facility.