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Skytron 1201 Surgical Table

Experience the next level of precision, versatility, and comfort in surgical care with the Skytron 1201 Surgical Table. Trust in its advanced features and reliable performance to enhance your surgical outcomes and provide the highest standard of care to your patients.

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Skytron 1201 Surgical Table


The Skytron 1201 Surgical Table sets a new standard of excellence in surgical equipment, combining precision engineering, versatile design, and patient-centric features to deliver optimal performance in the operating room. Engineered with meticulous attention to detail and designed to meet the diverse needs of surgical specialties, this state-of-the-art table empowers surgeons to achieve superior outcomes while ensuring patient comfort and safety.

Precision Engineering for Optimal Performance:

  • The Skytron 1201 Surgical Table is engineered with precision and expertise to provide surgeons with the tools they need to perform complex procedures with accuracy and confidence.
  • Featuring smooth, motorized adjustments and responsive controls, the table allows for precise positioning and alignment, enabling surgeons to achieve optimal surgical access and visualization.
  • With its durable construction and reliable performance, the Skytron 1201 Surgical Table delivers consistent results in a wide range of surgical settings, enhancing procedural efficiency and effectiveness.

Versatile Design for Enhanced Adaptability:

  • Designed to accommodate a variety of surgical specialties and procedures, the Skytron 1201 Surgical Table offers unmatched versatility and adaptability in the operating room.
  • Modular accessories and customizable configurations allow surgeons to tailor the table to specific procedural requirements, ensuring optimal positioning and support throughout the surgery.
  • Whether performing orthopedic, neurosurgical, cardiovascular, or general surgery, this table provides the flexibility and functionality needed to meet the unique demands of each procedure.

Patient-Centric Features for Comfort and Safety:

  • Patient comfort and safety are paramount considerations in surgical care, and the Skytron 1201 Surgical Table is designed with these principles in mind.
  • With its ergonomic design and supportive surface, the table provides patients with stability and comfort throughout the procedure, minimizing the risk of discomfort and injury.
  • Built-in safety features, such as secure locking mechanisms and collision detection systems, ensure a safe and secure surgical environment, promoting patient safety and peace of mind.

Intelligent Technology for Streamlined Workflows:

  • Equipped with intelligent technology and user-friendly controls, the Skytron 1201 Surgical Table is designed to streamline the surgical workflow and enhance efficiency in the operating room.
  • Customizable presets and intuitive interfaces enable surgeons to quickly and easily adjust table settings, saving time and reducing disruptions during procedures.
  • Integrated connectivity options and compatibility with surgical imaging systems facilitate seamless communication and collaboration among surgical team members, promoting coordination and efficiency in the OR.

Durable Construction for Long-Term Reliability:

  • Constructed from high-quality materials and subjected to rigorous quality assurance testing, the Skytron 1201 Surgical Table is built to withstand the demands of daily use in busy operating rooms.
  • Comprehensive service and support options are available to address any maintenance needs and ensure continued performance excellence throughout the lifespan of the table.
  • With its durable construction and reliable performance, the Skytron 1201 Surgical Table is a cost-effective investment for healthcare facilities seeking to enhance surgical outcomes and improve patient care.
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