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Datascope Mindray Passport 2 Patient Monitor

The Datascope Passport 2 Patient Monitor, is a versatile and reliable solution designed to meet the critical demands of patient monitoring across various clinical settings. Known for its robustness and comprehensive monitoring capabilities, the Passport 2 has been a popular choice among healthcare professionals seeking accuracy, durability, and ease of use in patient care.

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Datascope Mindray Passport 2 Patient Monitor


Overview and Key Features of the Datascope Passport 2 Patient Monitor

The Datascope Passport 2 Patient Monitor remains a trusted choice for healthcare facilities, offering a blend of advanced monitoring technology, user-friendly design, and proven reliability. Its comprehensive features and adaptability make it suitable for a wide range of clinical applications, from emergency rooms and ICUs to general wards and outpatient care.

Comprehensive Monitoring in Compact Design

  • Wide Range of Parameters: The Passport 2 offers real-time monitoring of essential parameters such as ECG, non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP), SpO2, respiratory rate, and temperature, ensuring a comprehensive overview of the patient’s physiological status. Options for invasive blood pressure (IBP) and end-tidal CO2 (EtCO2) measurements further enhance its monitoring capabilities.
  • High-Quality Display: Equipped with a bright, high-resolution screen, the Passport 2 displays vital signs data and waveforms with clarity, facilitating easy interpretation and timely clinical decision-making.

User-Friendly Interface for Enhanced Usability

  • Intuitive Navigation: The monitor features a straightforward interface with easy-to-use controls, allowing clinicians to quickly access functions and patient data.
  • Customizable Configuration: Clinicians can tailor alarm settings and display configurations to meet the specific needs of their patients, improving monitoring efficiency and patient care.

Durable and Portable for Various Clinical Environments

  • Rugged Build: Designed to withstand the rigors of high-use environments, the Passport 2 is known for its durability and reliability in busy healthcare settings.
  • Portability: Compact and lightweight, with an integrated handle and battery operation capability, making it easy to transport for bedside monitoring or during patient transfers.


Monitoring Functions

  • ECG: Comprehensive arrhythmia detection with multiple lead configurations.
  • NIBP: Oscillometric measurements with manual, auto, and STAT modes.
  • SpO2: Advanced technology for accurate oxygen saturation monitoring.
  • Respiratory Rate: Measured through ECG or optional EtCO2 module.
  • Temperature: Quick and accurate temperature readings.
  • IBP/EtCO2 (Optional): For expanded monitoring of hemodynamic and respiratory status.

Display and Interface

  • Screen: High-resolution display for clear visualization of patient data.
  • Controls: Physical buttons and knobs for easy operation and navigation.

Connectivity and Data Management

  • Data Storage: Capacity for trend data storage and review.
  • Connectivity Options: Supports integration with hospital information systems for efficient data management.

Power Supply

  • Battery Life: Rechargeable battery for continuous monitoring during transport or when AC power is not available.
  • AC Power: Compatible with standard hospital power supplies.

Physical Characteristics

  • Dimensions: Compact size for ease of use in various clinical settings.
  • Mounting Options: Suitable for bedside, wall-mounted, or mobile stand use.

Safety and Compliance

  • Certifications: Complies with relevant international standards for patient monitoring devices.