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Medical Equipment Repair Schaumburg

Medical Equipment Repair Schaumburg


Medical Equipment Repair Schaumburg – Electrocautery/Electrosurgery Units – Terrain Biomedical – Medical Equipment – 773-697-8400

Terrain Biomedical carries an excellent selection of electrosurgery medical equipment designed to cut, resect, coagulate and retrieve. Electrosurgery tools generally include knives, snares, hot biopsy forceps, electrodes and other accessories.

Electrocautery is a form of directly transferring heat to a patient’s tissue. In contrast to passing electrical current through tissue, alternating or direct current heats a handheld device. Next, the medical professional applies the device to the tissue. The result depends upon the tissue. Direct application to a tumor serves to destroy the tumor cells. Application onto blood vessels results in hemostasis. For example, physicians frequently use electrocautery if high-frequency electrosurgical options become contraindicated.

In some cases the terms electrosurgery and electrocautery might be confused. Both of these procedures are often in use in several areas of healthcare. However, they’re different in terms of application and instruments.

An electrocautery unit, for instance, uses electricity to heat up a wire. The wire then applies to the target tissue area to initiate coagulation. The electrical current does not pass straight though the tissue, but rather onto the treatment area. Through this technique, heat moves through the resistant metallic wire that functions like an electrode. This warm electrode is then put on the treatment area to destroy that specific tissue. Dermatologists, urologists and cosmetic surgeons, for example, may apply electricity in this context.

Terrain Biomedical for Cost-Effective Medical Equipment Repair Schaumburg

Whether you plan to open a new facility or want to maintain your current medical equipment, Terrain Biomedical is your solution. It is essential that your location’s certified refurbished medical equipment complies with operational standards and regulations. There is no benefit to purchasing items that don’t help improve your services and meet your business objectives.

Terrain’s biomedical service tech are ready 24/7 to provide the emergency Medical Equipment Repair Schaumburg your facility needs. Each of our technicians possesses a background in biomedical engineering. We’re able to identify equipment problems efficiently and perform prompt solutions. Consequently, that helps to minimize any downtime for your systems. We provide depot services or we are able to travel to your facility for on-site repairs. In addition, we’re a leading source of equipment for rent or purcase. Furthermore, we offer excellent financing options.

Contact Terrain Biomedical for:

  • -Product training.
  • -Scale calibrating.
  • -Preventive maintenance to assure continual performance.
  • -Safety assessments.
  • -Compliance reports and records.
  • -Diagnostics and troubleshooting.
  • -On site repairs.
  • -Maintain accurate inventory logs.
  • -Pass regulatory auditing.
  • -Preventive maintenance programs that avoid malfunctions and save money.

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