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Medical Equipment Repair Rolling Meadows

Medical Equipment Repair Rolling Meadows


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MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) Monitors

An MRI of the human body applies radio waves, magnetic fields and computer generated images. As a result, they provide images of soft tissue, internal organs, bones and other structures. MRI monitors are invaluable for assisting in medical assessments. Additionally, they can monitor treatments for several conditions in the chest, abdomen and pelvis and chest.

Physicians and other medical personnel depend on MRI assessments for help in diagnosing or tracking treatment for conditions like:

  • -Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Also, cardiac conditions like congenital heart diseases.
  • -Inflammation within blood vessels.
  • -Tumors within the chest, pelvis and abdomen.
  • -Cirrhosis and liver diseases.
  • -Pancreatic and bile duct abnormalities.

In addition, MRI Monitors provide images useful in the assessment of:

  • -Organs within the chest and abdomen like the liver, kidneys, biliary tract, heart, spleen, pancreas and adrenals.
  • -Organs in the pelvis including the reproductive organs and bladder. Also for the uterus and ovaries in females, prostate for males.
  • -Lymph nodes and blood vessels.

Medical Equipment Repair Rolling Meadows

In contrast to traditional X-rays, MRI monitors do not utilize ionizing radiation. Radiofrequency pulsations act to realign hydrogen atoms within the patient’s body. This does not result in alterations to the soft tissues. Hydrogen atoms return to their usual alignment. Then they produce differing amounts of energy depending on which tissue type they’re in. The MRI monitor develops images of the tissues from that information.

An electric current moving through wire coils produces a magnetic field in most MRI monitors. Other coils put around the area for imaging, receive and send radio waves. A computer processes signals and produces the images. Each one represents a thin section of the patient’s body. Radiologists then can evaluate the various images.

Frequently, the difference between normal and abnormal tissues is more detectable on an MRI monitor in comparison to X-rays or ultrasound.

Terrain Biomedical’s engineering team brings expertise to our Medical Equipment Repair Rolling Meadows services. We understand the true value of supplying reliable equipment to our clients. Our team practices rigorous procedures when performing repairs on equipment. Additionally, we are qualified to do repairs and preventive maintenance on the behalf of several leading manufacturers. After more than a decade, Terrain Biomedical continues to provide reliable services for a wide range selection of products. In addition to monitors, we service defibrillators, autoclaves, electrosurgical units, and portable sterilizers.

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