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Medical Equipment Repair Palatine

Medical Equipment Repair Palatine


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Medical scales and height measuring devices are fairly basic components of routine medical practice. However, they are also among the most widely used pieces of equipment in healthcare. With an improved understanding of the latest features available in contemporary patient scales, care providers can optimize the collection of measurements for a streamlined workflow.

Digitized column scales are becoming prevalent in acute and primary healthcare settings. They are replacing the mechanical, balancing beam scales although those are also still is use.

Healthcare providers most frequently search for the following features in digitized patient scales:

Safe Platform. Scales are widely used with patients of all ages and degrees of mobility during intake. Consequently, scales require a low and stable base for patients to stand upon.

Greater capacity: Across the nation, the rising rate of adult obesity in recent years calls for care facilities to feature scales of adequate weight capacity. For instance, a minimum of 550 pounds or even higher is not uncommon.

Non-tip foundation. Some scales of inadequate design risk tipping towards the patient if their foot rests on the edge of the base. An eye-level scale can add to this risk because they may strike the patient and risk facial injury. Other varieties of column patient scales feature a non-tip safety design that eliminates this risk.

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Kilogram-only unit of measurement locking feature. Specifically in a hospital setting, policy may require metric measurements to establish a uniform format of recording weight. This may be associated with safety for patients with respect to medication dosage.

EMR-ready scales. Indicates those scales with built-in capabilities that make them ready for an integration procedure. These units send measurement values to outside systems such as EMRs. Frequently they have more than only one method of submitting values to offer more flexibility.

Automated patient identification. Column scales able to support a form of fast identification methods like barcode scans are becoming more common. They help to reinforce faster, safer workflows.

Medical Equipment Repair Palatine – Terrain Biomedical – 773-697-8400

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