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Medical Equipment Repair Itasca

Medical Equipment Repair Itasca


Medical Equipment Repair Itasca – Terrain Biomedical – 773-697-8400

Terrain Biomedical repairs several popular hospital and emergency medical service devices. From annual preventive maintenance to complete device reconditioning, we’re a single source for Medical Equipment Repair Itasca. Much of the work we do takes place at our facility in Elk Grove Village. However, we also perform on location services too. Our staff of certified, experienced technicians conduct function tests to identify problems. In addition, they inspect medical and EMS equipment for any physical damages in need of repair. As result, we can identify problems before they get worse. Certainly, routine maintenance saves in the long run.

Terrain Biomedical performs preventive maintenance and repairs for a variety of medical equipment. For instance, we service defibrillators, EKGs, anesthesia machines, patient monitors, ventilators and much more. Our techs are proficient in servicing medical equipment from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Medical Equipment Repair Itasca – Terrain Biomedical – 773-697-8400

If you manage or own a medical care facility, here are a few items to consider about equipment repairs:

Which services will you require for the repairs?

Consulting with an experienced medical equipment repair tech is a smart first step. You’ll obtain useful information on what services your broken equipment needs to get back online. The staff at Terrain Biomedical will answer all your questions and recommend your most cost-effective options. Additionally, we can recommend a maintenance plan customized for your facility.

Know when maintenance is due.

Different kinds of medical equipment call for regular inspections. Our repair technicians can help you by providing a range of techniques for use when it’s time for maintenance. Talking with a biomedical equipment technician can also provide insight to knowing when to schedule repairs.

Where to locate reliable medical equipment service?

When you need professional medical equipment repair and maintenance, it’s important find a dependable service provider at competitive rates. Terrain is a full-service facility that specializes in medical equipment reconditioning, maintenance and inspections. Without a doubt, our knowledgeable and certified staff is trained to provide custom solutions. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your equipment remains operational. Also, routine maintenance means minimal risk of service disruption.

Industries We Serve

Terrain Biomedical has many years of relevant experience in several healthcare environments. Indeed, we understand the complexities involved with medical equipment and the high standards required to properly outfit a medical facility. We’ve served many clients in sectors including:

  • Large, general hospitals.
  • Ambulatory surgical centers.
  • Hospice care facilities
  • Diagnostic Labs.
  • General patient examination rooms.
  • Home rehab.
  • Medical spas.
  • Physical therapy facilities.
  • Recovery and treatment centers.
  • Nursing facilities.
  • We Buy and Sell Medical Equipment

Along with professional maintenance and repair, Terrain is a leading source of equipment for sale and rent. For example, we stock a wide selection of autoclaves and patient monitors.