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Medical Equipment Repair Franklin Park

Medical Equipment Repair Franklin Park


Medical Equipment Repair Franklin Park – Terrain Biomedical – 773-697-8400

Sterilization equipment is a critical part of contemporary medical care because patients make contact with surgical instruments. To assure the safety of patients and medical care practitioners, safe use of equipment is essential. Without a doubt, this means keeping all equipment sterilized. Effective, thorough cleaning of vital equipment avoids the risk of disease transferring among patients.

Benefits of Sterilization and Medical Equipment

During an invasive procedure, there is contact between the patient’s membranes or sterile tissues and surgical instruments. A substantial risk with these procedures is the introduction of pathogenic microbes that could potentially risk infection. When medical equipment doesn’t go through proper sterilization, the infection risk rises because of the breaching of host barriers.

For both hospital personnel and patients, it’s important to destroy germs to minimize this risk. For example, healthcare related infections are an issue for patients who spend time in hospitals. Improper personnel hygiene or contaminated medical equipment can cause infections.

Medical Equipment Repair Franklin Park  – The benefits of sterilizing surgical and medical equipment includes:

  • -Eliminates blood, pus and dirt particles that might risk hazardous complications for patients requiring surgery.
  • -Sterilization minimizes bioburden, which is the amount of bacteria living upon a surface.
  • -Prevents corrosion of precise and expensive tools that feature delicate components like hinges and pivots.
  • -Sterilization eliminates the breeding grounds for germs.
  • -Confirms the safe delivery of equipment that needs assembly for disinfection. When properly done, sterilization ensures the safe utilization of both invasive and non-invasive medical devices.
  • Medical Equipment Repair Franklin Park – Terrain Biomedical – 773-697-8400
  • Germ elimination strategies for hospitals typically consist of the following:
  • -Cleaning: Must always take place before higher-level disinfection.
  • -Disinfection: This secondary step may involve the use liquid chemicals to destroy non-spore formation bacteria.
  • -Sterilizing: This can involve multiple methods of sterilizing to destroy hazardous microorganisms, spores and bacteria.

For Repairs, Sales and Service of Medical Equipment, Terrain Biomedical Equipment is Your Life Cycle Partner

  • -Planning and Consultation. Terrain Biomedical’s engineers put together a custom program for your environment, budget, applications and preferences.
  • -Medical Equipment Sales. From components and accessories to certified medical instruments, our engineers are ready to help you select equipment and services.
  • -Installation and Uninstallation. Our staff installs new medical equipment and can train your personnel on correct usage. Additionally, if you’d like to open up some room at your facility, we can safely remove equipment.

Terrain Biomedical serves medical care facilities throughout Chicagoland and the nation. In addition, we provide training and consultation too. Reach us at 773-697-8400.