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Medical Equipment Repair Des Plaines

Medical Equipment Repair Des Plaines


Medical Equipment Repair Des Plaines – Terrain Biomedical – 773.697.8400

Just as it is in other industries, preventive maintenance is critical in the medical field. Preventive maintenance is essentially the servicing of equipment to keep it operational and to avoid future problems and disruptions. If you are the manager or owner of any sort of medical equipment, it should receive preventive maintenance regularly.

Preventive maintenance ought to be routine because medical equipment makes patient contact. Naturally, it plays a big part in life saving efforts and making diagnoses, for example. Without putting your medical equipment through maintenance consistently, there’s a risk of noncompliance. In addition, there’s possible subject to liability if it’s used on a patient and complications develop.

Terrain Biomedical is a leader in professional services for medical equipment. Our team of biomedical engineers can perform expert maintenance on your equipment to assure performance. Also, we carry a very large selection of quality refurbished equipment for hospitals, clinics, dentists, doctor’s offices and more.

Medical Equipment Repair Des Plaines – Terrain Biomedical – 773.697.8400

Terrain Biomedical – Featured Product – Reconditioned Mindray Patient Monitor

Key Features of This Product

  • -Heart rate, respiration and temperature.
  • -EKG/ECG (3/5 Lead).
  • -SpO2 (Nellcor or Masimo).
  • -Noninvasive Blood Pressure.
  • -Arrhythmia detection (optional).
  • -Invasive Blood Pressure (optional).
  • -Thermal printer color LCD.
  • -CO2 Microstream (optional).
  • -Five-agent gas analysis along with auto-identification (optional).

Contact Terrain Biomedical to repair, certify, calibrate or rent medical equipment. Short-term and long-term rentals. Same day rentals also available in many cases.

The Mindray Datascope Spectrum has a 12.1 inch color interface which enables easy access to patient data. It also offers full calculations and cardiac output. With a design for surgery, transport applications and bedside monitoring, the Mindray Datascope is frequently configured with an optional mainstream end-tidal CO2.

Lightweight and portable, this monitor is essential for multiple parameter monitoring. It offers versatility for a range of healthcare environments. The Mindray Datascope has many relevant features, displays data on a wide interface and enables preference settings. With customized setting retention, this monitor needs minimal set-up and allows quick access for immediate purposes.

Popular and widely utilized in veterinary facilities, the product is also suitable in clinical care environments. This refurbished patient monitor functions works well for adult, adolescent, pediatric and neonatal patients. This monitor is frequently selected because of its dependability, service and affordable pricing point.

To purchase or rent this equipment contact Terrain Biomedical at 773-697-8400.