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Medical Equipment Repair Bloomingdale

Medical Equipment Repair Bloomingdale


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Medical warming cabinets are useful in multiple ways depending on needs of your medical facility. A few of their functions include:

  • -Blanket warmer. This is the most apparent use of blanket warming cabinets. Warm blankets not only help patients remain comfortable while at your facility, but also helps prevent pre-and postoperative hypothermia. Warm blankets can even help decrease recuperation time. In some instances, general anesthesia may cause patients to shiver and their body temperature to fall. Without a doubt, this makes warm blankets essential for most any procedure involving anesthesia.
  • -Irrigation solutions. The purpose of irrigating solutions is to sustain the integrity of intraocular tissue. By keeping these solutions sufficiently warm, similar to blankets, it helps prevent pre-operation hypothermia. Plus there’s the extra benefit of providing an optimal healing environment and maintaining comfort during a procedure.

Intravenous fluids. Intravenous therapy can be utilized for delivering medications for blood transfusions or fluid replacement. Assuring these fluids stay warm help the patient maintain an adequate temperature and feels comfortable during procedures.

Injection Fluids. When injecting fluids, medical personnel must confirm it’s warm to maintain body temperature for optimal recovery.

-Blood. Frequently used in emergency rooms and intensive care, medical staff keep blood warm with a warming cabinet to avoid hypothermia. It enables temperatures to remain safe for infusion purposes.

Terrain Biomedical provides a wide selection of high quality warming cabinets with multiple features. Some of the options include temperature recorders, touch screen control and solution baskets. Made of the best quality, our warming cabinets go through tests to confirm a long service life and accurate settings.

Medical Equipment Repair Bloomingdale – Terrain Biomedical – 773-697-8400

Physical and Psychological Benefits of Blanket Warmers

Warming the patient is important before starting surgery. A warm blanket may remain on the patient to preserve a sufficiently warm body temperature during the procedure.

Warming blankets for patients benefits them psychologically too in addition to preparing them for surgery. Certainly, surgery can be a rather stressful experience, leading to physical responses in patient. A warm blanket mitigates shivering and provides the patient with a feeling of comfort.

In addition to promoting a sense of calmness, warm blankets offer reassurance to the patient. It helps demonstrate that medical personnel is aware of their comfort and well-being. For example, when a nurse takes a warm blanket out of the blanket warmer and places it over the patient, it’s a reassuring gestures.