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Medical Equipment Repair Bensenville

Medical Equipment Repair Bensenville


Medical Equipment Repair Bensenville – Terrain Biomedical – 773-697-8400

Catheter-associated urinary tract infections are a fairly common problem for hospital patients. Nurses play an important part in preventing it. As a result, bladder scanners are increasingly in use by nurses to help avoid invasive, costly procedures. For example, unnecessary cystoscopy and catheterization. Bladder scanners are innovative devices that blend technology and safety. Furthermore, they can accurately assess if a patient needs catheterization.

A bladder scanner is a hand-held, transportable ultrasound device. It performs a quick, basic and non-invasive bladder scan. The scanner features an ultrasound probe along with a transducer which reflects sound waves from the bladder to the device. That data then transmits to a computer chip within the unit that automatically calculates the bladder’s volume.

A bladder scan is typically a painless experience for patients. It serves to eliminate the risks sometimes associated with catheterization. The scanning procedure usually requires just a few minutes to perform. The device doesn’t require a sonographer for operation. Additionally, it may help prevent invasive procedures a patient doesn’t need.

There are a number of benefits to using bladder scanners as a diagnostic instrument. In a care environment, bladder scanners assist in the evaluation and treating of post-procedure urinary retention. Also, research reveals bladder scanners tend to present greater effectiveness in comparison to manual palpation in assessing post-procedure bladder distention.

Also bladder scanner can be useful in identifying bladder distention, urinary frequency and bladder irritabilities. Furthermore, they might be practical for assisting in the assessment of a patient’s hydration status.

Other applications for bladder scanners are the identification of an obstructed Foley catheter and assessing bladder status.

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Medical Equipment Repair Bensenville – Terrain Biomedical – 773-697-8400

Terrain’s Biomedical has a staff of experienced technicians standing by ready to fulfill all your medical equipment repair requirements. Each of our techs has a background in biomedical engineering, which enables them to address and resolve problems promptly. Once the problem is identified, we’ll offer the most cost-effective solutions to getting your systems back online. Additionally, you’ll find that our customer care is unmatched.

Terrains Biomedical’s certified, experienced technicians can evaluate, calibrate and test the equipment at your medical facility. Whether you manage a hospital, a clinic, dental office or veterinary practice, you can rely on us for:

  • -Preventive maintenance to ensure optimal, lasting function.
  • -Safety assessments.
  • -Compliance reporting, troubleshooting and diagnostics.
  • -On location repairs.
  • -New equipment training.
  • -Scale calibrating.