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Medical Equipment Certification Wood Dale IL

Medical Equipment Certification Wood Dale IL

Preventative Maintenance to Ensure Your Equipment Remains Operational and Reliable

Terrain Biomedical can go to your location to inspect and certify the equipment at your clinic, medical office, assisted living facility or hospital.

Why Choose Terrain?

-Our experienced bioengineers perform detailed inspections of medical equipment.
-We replace parts as needed to ensure proper function. In addition, we thoroughly clean the equipment.
-Calibration tools are utilized to test output against the displayed outputs.
-Make adjustments necessary to ensure units are in accordance with specifications.
-Electrical safety is also critical. We check to confirm grounding is proper.
-Conduct visual checks for cracked, frayed or otherwise faulty wires as well as for discoloration of plugs.

We properly label and date all of our Medical Equipment Certification Wood Dale IL.

Terrain Biomedical is Your Source for the Repair and Ongoing Maintenance of Medical Equipment

Examples of some of the customers we serve include:

-Physicians’ offices. We can install and repair the medical equipment in examination rooms, offices, patient care rooms and laborarories.
-Veterinary clinics. Save on costs while prolonging the service lifespan of the equipment at your veterinary care location by partnering with the experienced team at Terrain Biomedical. We can handle everything from routine repairs to more complex services that will keep your equipment in working order.

-Nursing homes, assisted living facilities. Call us to perform calibrations and yearly safety inspections on the defibrillators and other essential items at your long-term care location.
-Physical therapists. We offer annual calibrations of critical equipment such as
electric muscle stimulator machines, therapy ultrasounds and other units that are required for the ongoing safety of patients.

Our bioengineers are ready to fulfill all your Medical Equipment Certification Wood Dale IL needs. Contact Terrain Biomedical today at 773-697-8400.