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Medical Equipment Certification Wilmette IL

Medical Equipment Certification Wilmette IL

At Terrain Biomedical, we’ve been an innovator in the sale, repair and maintenance of endoscopy equipment throughout or many years in the industry. Our focus continues to be on providing the best quality of pre-owned and completely refurbished endoscopic devices in addition to new equipment. We stock a large and diverse selection of endoscopic instruments made by leading manufacturers that benefit both patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Get in touch with our staff today and let us know about your facility’s needs and our helpful experts can guide you towards the best solutions at competitive rates.

Dependable Medical Equipment Certification Wilmette IL for Your Endoscopy Instruments

Each of the several endoscopic products on the marketplace today serve a specific purpose. They are tailored to the requirements of the type of endoscopy appropriate to patient needs. Some are made, for instance, to work with a flexible endoscope while others may be used with a more rigid endoscopes.

Endoscopy instruments are not just designed to procedures successful – they also offer direct benefits to the patient such as less time in the hospital, minimized scarring, and lower risks of infections. Some of the most effective and valuable endoscopic devices are:

-Suture systems.
-Biopsy forceps.
-Ligation devices.
-Trocar sleeves.
-Cleaning brushes.
-Tissue cutters and scissors.
-Inflow and outflow tube sets.
-Tissue staplers.

Care Guidelines for Endoscopic Equipment
As it is for all medical instruments, proper cleaning and care are essential for endoscopes. It will not just prolong the tool’s service life and effectiveness but it can also save on repairs and replacement costs.

-Clean up following disassembly.
–Remove any remaining organic matter and debris.
-After cleaning, be sure to properly lubricate all the moving components.

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