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Medical Equipment Certification Schiller Park IL

Medical Equipment Certification Schiller Park IL

Leading the Industry in the Sales, Repair and Certification of Medical Equipment

Our full-service staff performs component-level, certified repairs in a process that is streamlined and customer-friendly. Count on our bioengineers to handle the repairs for endoscopes, transducers, cables, vital sign monitors, telemetry devices, modules and fetal transducers so your staff can concentrate on caring for patients

Maintaining medical equipment is easier than ever – Terrain Biomedical is here to help with all your equipment and supply needs. Reach us online or call now for a free and informative consultation!

Terrain Biomedical is a premier supplier of refurbished Medical Equipment Certification Schiller Park IL for hospitals, surgical centers and clinical settings.

Dependable Solutions for the Equipment Needs of the Chicagoland Medical Community

Maintain all of your facility’s medical equipment with manufacturer suggested preventive maintenance. You’ll enjoy substantial savings every year by limiting the costs of equipment downtime.

Anesthesia Machines

After so many years of experience in our competitive industry, there isn’t much that our staff hasn’t seen. We are a top provider of technical assistance, sales, repair, preventive maintenance, on-location training and Medical Equipment Certification Schiller Park IL. We are here to help your facility with the acquisition and ongoing maintenance of your anesthesia machines and accessories.

However, our services do not end there when it comes to anesthesia equipment. Terrain also provides services for the following items which are commonly used by anesthetists at a variety of medical facilities:

-Repairs, certification and verification of vaporizers.
-Repairs and maintenance of syringe pumps.
-Analysis of trace gasses.
-Testing of room air exchange.

Whether you need inspection and certification of just a few pieces or several types of equipment, Terrain Biomedical can provide the professionalism and dependability your facility requires for excellent patient care.