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Medical Equipment Certification Roselle IL

Medical Equipment Certification Roselle IL

The bioengineers at Terrain can provide a range of solutions for your facility: from technical help to preparing a quote for repair and certification of your equipment.
Our certified and trained staff performs comprehensive services with a commitment to the highest standards and customer care.

Medical Devices, Anesthesia Machines and More for Sale or Rent

A leader in the industry, Terrain Biomedical supplies medical offices, hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers with quality new, used and refurbished medical equipment. Due to our expertise and resources we are ready to help your facility from the startup stage to completion.

Whether it’s one item, rentals, turn-key installation, planning, biomedical services or certifying equipment, consider Terrain as your first choice for equipment solutions.

Our team has been a top supplier for hospitals and surgical centers for many years – partner with us and get started today!

We Inspect, Repair and Certify Medical Equipment in Chicagoland

Our attention to the details, unmatched integrity and reputation for excellent customer care are what sets us ahead of the competition. Terrain Biomedical can help save on costs, time and hassle by providing you with effective strategies for fitting used, new and refurbished equipment to your operational budget. Our consultation services are a smart first step toward getting your site ready to care for patients.

Examples of the Medical Equipment Certification Roselle IL we sell, rent, repair and maintain:

-Operating room tables, lighting and examination tables.
-EKG units.
-Electrosurgical units.
-Patient monitors.
-Stretchers, hospital beds.
-Blanket warmers.
-Infusion pumps.

Equipment for Rent

In the event that purchasing is not yet an option for your facility, Terrain offers the convenience of medical equipment for rent. Without a doubt, renting is a sound option for when:

-Your equipment needs are short term.
-You want try out different models.
-Personnel requires training on specific devices.
-Lack of appropriate budget for replacement.

For Medical Equipment Certification Roselle IL call the experts at 773-697-8400.