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Medical Equipment Certification Palatine IL

Medical Equipment Certification Palatine IL

Terrain Biomedical is a trusted source of new and refurbished quality EKG machines for hospitals, clinics, ambulatory surgical centers and other facilities in the Chicagoland region. Our staff of trained technicians have many years of industry experience. One of our specialties is providing Medical Equipment Certification Palatine IL for recovery and operating room environments and other medical care settings.

EKG (electrocardiogram) machines* are generally a requirement for any type of medical facility that has a cardiologist or other healthcare professionals on staff. At Terrain Biomedical, we stock a variety of pre-owned EKG machines that include PC-based and standalone units. Administrators and managers can purchase EKG accessories along with other equipment from us to enhance and expand their medical capabilities.

In addition to EKGs, Terrain also stocks an assortment of electrosurgical units, which are surgical tools that use electric currents to cut tissue.

Many units use high-frequency currents. Cutting or coagulation of tissues can be monopolar, bipolar or employ one electrode. Some units laser placement for accuracy and surgical orientation.

This leading-edge technology presents many benefits over the conventional scalpel, such as simultaneous incisions and coagulating.

Late model electrosurgical machines have safety features which prevent injuries due to faulty contact between the patient and the return electrode when in the monopolar mode.

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*EKG machines are a form of diagnostic tool which continually assesses and records the heart’s muscular and electrical functions over a set period of time. Also sometimes referred to as ECG machines, the devices are able to detect small electrical differences in the skin by utilizing its electrodes. The information is frequently used to help physician’s diagnose any cardiovascular problems their patients may be experiencing. Many modern versions feature an analog-to-digital convector that allows for digital recording and compatibility with computers.