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Medical Equipment Certification Northlake IL

Medical Equipment Certification Northlake IL

For nursing facilities, rehab centers, surgery centers and hospitals it’s mandatory to conduct regular inspections of medical equipment in order to provide safe, quality patient care.

Need to Certify the Equipment at Your Medical Care Facility? Call Terrain Biomedical

Basically, any type of device that is used for patient care must be inspected and receive certification. The following is a general checklist of equipment that typically requires an inspection at least once yearly to verify electrical safety. Only trained technicians should perform the inspections before they provide certifications for your facility. Terrain Biomedical can organize these for you and provide timely reminders when inspections are due.

As an example, here are some common items to include on an inspection checklist for facilities such as a nursing home or a hospital:

-Patient lifts and beds.
-Patient vital sign monitors.
-Oxygen concentrators.
-Ventilator equipment.
-Rehab and mobility apparatus.
-Tables for physical therapy.
-Examination tables.
-Operating room and examination lighting.
-Suction pumps.
-Ultrasound monitors.

Our experienced Medical Equipment Certification Northlake IL technicians can perform safety inspections on location at your facility. If any of the equipment has electrical issues they are typically taken out of service right away. Repairs can proceed on location or in some cases brought to our main facilities for services that will restore proper function.

Ready to Get Started with Medical Equipment Certification Northlake IL?
Firstly, get in touch with the helpful team here at Terrain Biomedical to set up an initial appointment. After our technicians test and grant approval to each piece, they apply a certification sticker to confirm authenticity. You will then receive a listing of all the equipment that was tested with a date and readings that are required for a state of Illinois inspection.