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Medical Equipment Certification Norridge IL

Medical Equipment Certification Norridge IL

Managing a surgical center, operating room or hospital is not just a financial investment but also calls for a lot of time and effort to maintain the facility’s equipment. Each piece requires ongoing upkeep to ensure the proper application of systems.

Without regular maintenance, medical equipment will not provide an optimal return on investment. Terrain Biomedical provides maintenance services that will extend the service lifespan of the equipment at your facility and ensure reliable performance. In addition, we provide repairs and Medical Equipment Certification Norridge IL.

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Patient monitors are definitely among the most important pieces of equipment in an operating room environment. They assist nurses and doctors in tracking the vitals of the patient during and after a surgery. It’s essential that the monitor remains in proper working order. General care tips include:

-Clean the filters. This is important because dust particles and other debris can build up on the equipment, impeding performance and shortening its service life.
Clean the filter once per week to ensure dependability and avoid problems. Also, wipe down the monitor to remove dust that could make its way into the device.

-Water traps. It’s important to check and empty the traps following every procedure.

-Calibrate according to the manufacturer’s specs. Having a patient monitor properly calibrated is important to its lifespan. Our Medical Equipment Certification Norridge IL can calibrate your machines for you.

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A Terrain Biomedical, we refurbish medical equipment for hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities. In addition, we can dispatch a bioengineer to your facility to repair, inspect and provide certification for your equipment.