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Medical Equipment Certification Barrington IL

Medical Equipment Certification Barrington IL

Electrosurgical units are surgical tools that utilize an electrical current to coagulate or cut tissue. Many units use high-frequency currents. Coagulation and cutting may be monopolar, which employs a single electrode. Alternatively, they could also be bipolar, in which the current flows from active to passive return electrodes. Some apply placement of a laser to support surgical accuracy and orientation.

The innovative technologies present a number of advantages over the conventional scalpel such as simultaneous coagulating and cutting and ease of operating for multiple procedures.

Terrain Biomedical can inspect and provide Medical Equipment Certification Barrington IL for the electrosurgical units at your healthcare facility.

Safety Protocols for Electrosurgical Units

New model electrosurgical technology includes features that are designed to prevent risk of injury due to faulty contact between the patient and the return electrodes during the monopolar mode. While not in use, the manual piece should be stored in the non-conductive holster.

Utilize the lowest possible setting on the generator in order to attain the intended surgical effects. The risks of arcing typically increase if voltages are higher than necessary. The surgeon might continue to ask for a higher setting if he or she suspects the integrity of the dispersive pad interface may be at risk.

It’s essential to clean the electrode’s tip regularly. It’s suggested that a sponge should be used for cleaning rather than an abrasive pad, which could scratch the tip and increase the likelihood of a problem.

An electrosurgical unit should not be used in any environment that contains a flammable substance.
Avoid the use of any flammable material such as alcohol that could ignite from a spark. An active electrode tip shouldn’t be covered with a rubber catheter or any other materials.

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