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Medical Equipment Certification Addison IL

Medical Equipment Certification Addison IL

We’re Your Provider of Refurbished and Certified Medical Devices

Terrain Biomedical is a provider of refurbished, quality anesthesia machines and other used hospital devices that are certified to fulfill manufacturer specifications by our trained and experienced bioengineers. Our anesthesia machine specialists maintain authorized certificates of training in all models. All the re-marketed devices in stock at Terrain are fully refurbished.

They appear, function and carry warranties just like new products. The refurbishing practices we follow meet or surpass all anesthesia machine safety standards. Furthermore, they are complete with subsystems fully serviced to the highest maintenance levels and arrive patient-ready. Terrain consistently stocks a large selection in our inventory in order to give hospitals and care facilities many options from which to choose.

Our bioengineers are available to make on-site deliveries and installations as necessary.

Why Choose Refurbished and Used Medical Equipment Certification Addison IL?

The purchase of pre-owned medical equipment is becoming a common strategy for hospitals and surgery centers. Hospital and facility managers advocate for the utilization of refurbished and used devices. The important factors contributing to this practice include dependability and cost.

In most cases, buying used, certified equipment is always far less costly than buying new equipment. In making procurement decisions, hospital and surgery center managers must consider the up-front price in addition to the costs of maintaining and using the devices along with any necessary training costs.

Due the more limited availabilities of machine services providers, it can cost more to maintain new equipment. In addition, your facility’s staff might require specialized instruction to operate new systems.

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