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Medical Equipment Purchase – We Buy Used Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment Purchase

Every year Terrain Biomedical buys millions of dollars worth of used medical equipment. It is often difficult to find a way to dispose of redundant or broken medical equipment. Often, selling it at auction can be more trouble than it’s worth. Terrain Biomedical has an extensive network of partners and resources. We can help you get TOP DOLLAR for your used equipment.

Our expertise in purchasing used medical equipment helps facilitate transactions that benefit both parties. In many cases, we will buy it whether the equipment is broken, surplus, or outdated. Talk to us today!

When selling used medical equipment to Terrain, the seller can avoid high fees for auctions. We are not just looking to move your equipment, we are looking to get you premier pricing, because we are experienced engineers – and appraisers who understand the value of equipment and how it fits into the market.

Common reasons people sell us their used medical equipment:

  • Replace with new technology/newer models
  • Retired equipment
  • Surplus
  • Medical equipment no longer works, want money

Other used medical equipment buyers just want to move inventory from one place to another. They are not looking to build a trustworthy relationship with clients. Our approach helps clients benefit from our ability to be a long-term medical equipment partner by offering servicing, repairs, maintenance and much more.

Terrain Biomedical wants to help you achieve your financial goals, so in cases where we don’t outright purchase your equimpent, we can match buyers to sellers in our network. Our focus on being a medical equipment lifecycle partner gives our clients added value and peace of mind.

Sell Used Medical Equipment With Terrain

We have an extensive used medical equipment buying and selling network that runs nationwide. We often match customers who want equipment with people who have surplus equipment. We have spent more than 15 years building contacts on both sides of the business and are able to tap into those relationships to get the best possible prices and opportunities.

With our medical equipment repair and certification capabilities, we can offer clients an even larger variety of options for both purchase and sales.

Whether it is consignment, liquidation, helping with equipment redundancy or appraising equipment, Terrain Biomedical is a one-stop-shop.

With sufficient capital resources and medical equipment financing available, we are in a unique position to purchase directly if it makes sense – or to help you get the equipment you need quickly.

As part of our appraisal process, Terrain Biomedical can also tap into our extensive network to figure out the true market price. With years of experience, Terrain will help you with all of your medical equipment sales and purchasing requirements.