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EKG Monitors and ECG Monitors

EKG Monitors


Terrain Biomedical – EKG Monitors and ECG Monitors

Electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) is simply a form of testing to check for problems with the electrical activities of the patient’s heart. An EKG displays the heart’s electrical activities as basic line tracings upon paper. Terrain Biomedical sells, services and supports most any major make and model of EKG monitor on the marketplace today. With our calibrated testing units, we’ve been providing our valued clients with expertly restored EKG machines appropriate for use in practically any sort of clinical environment.

EKG machines are a basic necessity for any type of medical facility that staffs a cardiologist and other general healthcare practitioners. Terrain Biomedical stocks quality EKG machines of many varieties, ranging from PC-based or stand-alone units to animal care EKG units. In addition, we carry a variety of EKG machine accessories and other types of medical devices that can expand and broaden your medical facility’s services.

Looking to get repairs, calibrate, certify or rent a MAC 1200 unit for short or long-term purposes? In some cases, we even have same day rentals available.

Reconditioned GE MAC 1200 EKG

This EKG machine is a total solution with pragmatic features that staff at smaller clinics, treatment centers and doctor’s offices can appreciate. The MAC 1200 is a 12-lead EKG created for acquisition either with or without analysis. Its system can be configured as a conventional EKG without analysis for care facilities that have minimal ECG needs.

Key Features
-Automated identification of irregular heartbeat
-12-lead ECG evaluation
-Single touch operation for analysis, acquisition, storage, printing
-Lightweight and portable

Reconditioned GE MAC 5000 ECG – EKG Monitors and ECG Monitors

This is General Electric’s premier reconditioned EKG machine that we stock for our customers. Every unit is inspected fully and receives certification by our trained biomedical service technicians to verify it is in correct working order prior to arrival at your care facility.

This unit features advanced ECG machine applications for gender-specified interpretation, digital compact acquisition modules and several reporting formats. The MAC 5000 also presents a compact, efficient design for ease of operation to boost productivity. This system offers one of the most extensive collections of demonstrated algorithms on the marketplace. Contact Terrain Biomedical to learn more about the benefits of this machine and the other quality reconditioned medical equipment in our inventory.

Key Features

-Late potential analysis
-13 and/or 15-lead acquisition, analysis and storage
-Both adult and pediatric interpretations
-Designed for surgical centers, hospitals

Reconditioned Pagewriter TC50 ECG

The Philips PageWriter TC50 cardiograph unit provides the user with high-level, extensive features in a smaller and efficient package. Large touchscreen, simple guided processes for conducting ECGs, three-in-one Trident lead wires reduces tangles. Mark cardiac events for later reviewing, anatomic patient interface module for support of accurate lead positioning.

Key Features
-LAN Connectivity, PIM Module
-16-Lead interpretation
-ST Mapping

Reconditioned Pagewriter TC70 EKG

The Philips PageWriter TC70 EKG is manufactured to fulfill the needs of higher volume ECG machine locations. The TC70 offers many innovative features that are certain to fulfill all of your facility’s needs. This fine product includes a 15-inch, high resolution, color touchscreen.

Key Features
-A simple three-step process
-An advanced selection of STEMI clinical decision support tools
-Access to prior ECGs at bedside
-Built-in Wi-Fi

In addition to the above high quality reconditioned machines we also stock the GE Marquette Mac 5500 and the Philips Pagewriter Touch. To learn more about our EKG and ECG machines and which of our selections may be the right units for your care facility, call Terrain Biomedical today.

A Look at Wireless and Conventional EKG Machines

Wireless technologies have been implemented to many areas of daily life, and the medical field is certainly no exception. Wireless EKG monitors are available to offer more benefits to both doctors and their patients. In fact, the advantages are more considerable than some may realize. Precision and patient comfort are two of the key characteristics associated with the use of wireless technologies in the realm of medicine.

Electrocardiography or EKG monitors are mainly used to gauge the activity of the heart during a specified amount of time. The examination provides medical practitioners with helpful information regarding potential illnesses or risky cardio conditions. Obtaining truly accurate measures is essential
particularly for patients who may have a history of heart disease.

Among the main advantages of wireless EKG monitors is their enhanced accuracy. Research and testing has already shown that wireless technologies offer improved performance. Wires that are used in conventional machines risk getting tangled and have a potential to influence the reading. The lack of wiring boosts accuracy because there’s no component that could potentially interfere with heart activity measures. Also, the absence of wires makes it difficult for a patient to displace the electrodes from sudden arm movements. The electrodes simply stay secured in the right position until the exam concludes. Wireless EKG monitors tend to be more user-friendly than conventional machinery in some cases. Placement of the electrodes upon the patient’s is also easy and efficient.

The electrodes of a wireless EKG machine are placed upon a plastic strip. This strip is then attached to the patient’s chest so the machine can begin tracking the heart’s activity. The strip ends in a transmitter that directs information to the primary unit of the machine.

Wireless EKG electrodes are generally more comfortable and not very intrusive when compared to the wiring that would otherwise encircle the upper body of a patient.

The main section of a wireless EKG monitor can be attached to the belt of a patient or it can be positioned upon a table. These machines are typically quite easy to use. Placement is simple, wearing one is relatively comfortable and the primary unit does not have to be close to the patient’s body. All these benefits make wireless EKG machines a preferred choice among many medical teams and patients who need to have their heart rate monitored regularly.

Naturally, safety is a main consideration as well with respect to innovative medical technology. Because the electrodes of a wireless EKG monitor are disposable, it minimizes the chances of an infection developing or transmitting an ailment from one patient to another.

About Terrain Biomedical’s Certified Preowned and Reconditioned Quality Medical Equipment and Accessories

To give patients the very best quality of medical care available, medical facilities and care providers simply have to assure that all of their medical equipment, instruments and accessories fulfills the particular requirements of each patient. When purchased new, medical equipment can a significant investment. For a lot of private medical care providers it can be very challenging to obtain the
new equipment they may need. Consequently, many practitioners will instead opt for used and certified preowned equipment. Or, they choose to have their current equipment assessed for reconditioning. This can frequently be the smart solution for care facilities faced with budget restrictions.

Certified PreOwned Medical Equipment
Terrain’s certified and refurbished products are thoroughly evaluated via a stringent multi-step inspection. The purpose is to ensure our products are in full compliance with the appropriate performance and safety standards of our industry. Any needed repairs or alterations are completed to relevant OEM specifications – our equipment is certified only when it is ready to perform as though it is new.