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Defibrillators Chicago

Regardless of the size and scope of your healthcare facility, physician’s office, emergency room or hospital, Terrain Biomedical is standing by to help ensure your equipment is always ready for use in emergencies. Our trained and knowledgeable biomedical service technicians can thoroughly and efficiently repair, test and certify your equipment to precise standards. Whether you’re in need of an in-house repair for single units of medical equipment units or preventive maintenance for a whole fleet of your equipment, you can depend on our services.

When it comes to purchasing Defibrillators Chicago, many may believe that not much else is necessary after the upfront purchase is made. This is definitely not true, however.

One of the specialties at Terrain Biomedical is our cost-effective and reliable maintenance and certifications for automated external defibrillators (AEDs). As long as your facility has the devices, you can rest easy knowing they will remain functional.

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There are some regular assessments that must be performed in order to keep Defibrillators Chicago in fully operational condition:

-Battery reviews. Automatic external defibrillators are pieces of medical equipment which require consistent upkeep. Like other types of equipment, if overlooked for too long they can become unreliable. Generally, batteries and pads should be changed about every two years, although they will require changing after use.

-Check the display. Machines will perform basic self-testing at intervals to confirm that its components are working properly. Many Defibrillators Chicago will feature a display that indicates if a test failed. Some will simply indicate a test fail with the use of red light. It is typically recommended that the device displays be regularly inspected to prevent any errors being overlooked before an emergency where the unit may not perform adequately.

-Comprehensive inspection. Defibrillators require professional servicing at least once per year. Without training, you might not be capable of spotting issues that aren’t obvious. That’s why it’s essential to schedule professional services for the defibrillators at your facility each year.
The testing we conduct are more thorough than the automatic self-testing the devices do. For instance, we check the machine’s ability to identify various heartbeat rhythms, correctly diagnose them and recommend the appropriate action.

As defibrillators get older, inspection and testing becomes more important as components age and the risks of malfunction increases if they aren’t properly maintained. These checkups can identify faults that self-testing might miss or that the devices cannot detect. In addition, visual inspections can identify any missing or damaged parts that may require replacement.

If you are not fully confident that your defibrillators are fully functional, do not hesitate to contact Terrain Biomedical to schedule services from our experienced technicians.

-Warranties or recalls. It’s important to check warranties on medical equipment before purchase to confirm what the manufacturer covers. After purchase you also should be aware of any product recalls of the machines. Defibrillators may be subject to recall, as an example, if there are issues occurring regularly with the device.

-Replacement. Just like most other types of medical equipment that have a limited service lifespan, the defibrillators at your care facility will at some point need replacement. Depending upon use and service, they can typically last for five to seven years. Replacement is advised after that time period.

We understand at Terrain Biomedical that Defibrillators Chicago are an investment for a business and must perform reliably whenever needed. If you need inspection, maintenance and certification of your defibrillators or other equipment – from autoclaves to fetal monitors – you can count on our team for expertise and prompt service.