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Certification for Quality, Reconditioned Vital Sign Monitors Chicago by Terrain Biomedical – Call 773-697-8400

Certified Vital Sign Monitors Chicago

Certified Vital Sign Monitors Chicago

A patient’s vital signs – also known simply as signs of life – generally include the following measures:

Blood pressure.
Respiratory rate.

When these measures are above zero it indicates that the patients is alive. All of these vital signs can be monitored and measured to allow for the evaluation of the level at which a patient is functioning.

Environments where Certified Vital Sign Monitors Chicago are used:

The point of recording vital signs is to establish a baseline upon admitting a patient to a clinic, doctor’s office, hospital or other care facility. Vital signs can be recorded by a physician, nurse, physician’s assistant or other care provider. Some of the Certified Vital Sign Monitors Chicago available from Terrain Biomedical are:

-The Datascope Accutorr Plus. A multiple-parameter Certified Vital Sign Monitors Chicago that’s ideal for screening in addition to pre- and post-op areas. A portable vital sign monitor that weighs less than five pounds, the Datascope Accutorr Plus is able to measure noninvasive blood pressure, pulse rate and blood oxygen levels. Available with features such as Nellcor or Masimo pulse oximetry, temperature readings and a recorder device.

-User designed settings for multiple care environments.
-Automated battery power saver.
-Lithium Ion battery (replaceable) and universal power supply.
-Universal mount adapter for rolling stands or a wall mount.
-Options like Nellcor or Masimo SpO2, Temperature and Recorder.
-Multiple-parameter monitoring for measurement of NIBP, pulse rate and SpO2.
-Capabilities up to one hundred measurements.

Reconditioned Connex Spot Certified Vital Sign Monitors Chicago

Features a convenient, touchscreen display that provides precise monitoring of spot checking, blood pressure averaging and customized scoring. The unit connects wirelessly to your facility’s EMR and sends vital sign information to the patient’s chart from the point of caregiving to help increase efficiency.

-SureBP® technologies provide blood pressure measurements in just around 15 seconds
-Connex Scoring Application calculators for customized protocols
-Blood Pressure averaging to assist accurate diagnosis of hypertension
-Supports staff workflows for long-range care environments
-Partners with over 90 EMRs including Cerner and Epic
-Choice of SpO2 technology: Nonin, Masimo® and Nellcor®
-Can be added for integration of wall systems for comprehensive patient examination workflow
-Mobile stand options including work surface with integrated battery for long-term use

Reconditioned Connex Vital Sign Monitors – Call Terrain Biomedical at 773-697-8400

The Connex Certified Vital Sign Monitors Chicago are an efficient, touch screen monitor displaying vivid colors and minimal buttons for easy cleaning, better workflow and convenient training. Adaptable for all types of health care settings, it tracks pulse oximetry, temperature and blood pressure. For physician’s offices, Terrain also carries a dedicated blood pressure average program to help lower risk of incorrect diagnosis of hypertension resulting from White Coat Hypertension.

For hospital environments, Certified Vital Sign Monitors Chicago provides profiles supportive of multiple workflows like spot check vital signs, triage and continual monitoring of high acuity patients. Additionally, the unit has the capacity to display clinicians with warnings signs to assist in proactively intervening to lower patient falls, respiratory distress and ulcers. In hospital settings these Vital Sign Monitors also have the capacity to communicate by wireless technology to an EMR.

-SureBP® supportive of all ages and offers 15-second readings while the cuff inflates.
-Optional SureTemp® Plus or Braun ThermoScan® PRO 4000 Ear Thermometry.
-Nellcor® Pulse Oximetry (SpO2) Algorithms (optional) or Nellcor.
-Wireless capabilities for electronic medical records.
-Masimo SpHb non-invasive continual tracking of hemoglobin.
-Option of EarlySense® no-contact respiration monitoring, motion sensor.
-Option of Masimo® Acoustic Respiratory Monitor.
-Blood pressure averaging and custom interval readouts.

Like all the quality reconditioned equipment we stock at Terrain Biomedical, our inventory of Certified Vital Sign Monitors Chicago are in compliance with OEM specifications.