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Bladder Scanners

Bladder Scanners


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Bladder scanners are easily transportable, lightweight, handheld ultrasound devices that can be used to perform a noninvasive scan of the patient’s bladder. The scanners have an ultrasound probe and a transducer to direct sound waves from the patient’s bladder directly to the device. Data is then sent to a computer in the handheld unit to calculate the bladder’s volume.

Catheter-associated bladder infection is a frequent and expensive issue for many hospitalized individuals. Medical personnel have a crucial role to play in avoiding this problem. Bladder scanners are now being used often by nurses or other medical care providers at the bedside to avoid expensive and invasive treatments, such as unnecessary catheterization. Bladder scans are effective applications that use technology to safely and correctly assess the need for catheterization.

Bladder scanning is typically pain-free for the patient and removes the risks related to unnecessary catheterization. The whole scan normally takes only a couple of minutes to perform, does not need operation by a sonographer and can reduce the risk of unnecessary invasive procedures.

There are numerous added benefits to using a bladder scanner as an analytical tool. In an acute care environment, bladder scanners can help in the accurate assessment and treatment of post-operative urinary retention and to help avoid urinary tract infections.

The bladder scanner can be used to help determine bladder distention, detect causes of urinary frequency, bladder irritability and is a helpful tool for bladder training. A bladder scanner can also be valuable in helping with precise analysis of a patient’s hydration status. Additional uses include the identification of a blocked catheter, analysis of bladder status and function following the removal of a urinary catheter and as a biofeedback device for bladder training. Contact us today!