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Terrain Biomedical – Autoclaves

Terrain Biomedical is a leading source of reconditioned autoclaves, autoclave repair, rentals and certification.

Pre-Owned Autoclaves and Table Top Sterilizers

If your sterilizer unit is out of service, so is your patient care facility. We know how critical functioning sterilizers and autoclaves are for the day-to-day operations at clinics and hospitals. Because they are among the most essential and most frequently used pieces of equipment, we provide fast and affordable repairs for table top sterilizers and autoclaves.

Whether you’re managing a small clinic or a big-city hospital, Terrain Biomedical offers a wide selection of sterilizers that will fulfill your application. All of our table top sterilizer units and autoclaves are expertly refurbished and certified to comply with the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications.

Working with the leading brands in our competitive industry, the staff at Terrain Biomedical has been refurbishing and selling quality sterilizers since 2005. Our company has developed a solid reputation as a trustworthy and reliable source of sterilizers and a variety of other medical equipment.

Table Top Sterilizers, Professional Autoclave Repairs, Affordable Rentals and Certification

Terrain Biomedical is not just a single-stop shop for the sales of refurbished autoclaves and table top sterilizers, we also perform repairs, certifications and rental services. We offer a broad selection of medical device and equipment rentals. We can even pick-up and drop-off medical equipment on the very same day in some geographic areas. Our rentals are fully available for emergency backups, short term or long term for care providers who are growing their businesses, or wish to test medical equipment before deciding to make a purchase.

Autoclaves – Call Terrain Biomedical for more helpful information on essential equipment such as sterilizers and autoclaves. Whether you’re looking to purchase, rent, need repairs or certifications we have the solutions you need at affordable pricing. Reach us at our Elk Grove Village at 773-697-8400.

Rentals to Meet Your Medical Equipment Needs

At Terrain Biomedical, we’re specialists in rentals of a wide selection of equipment when time is a factor. In addition to autoclaves and sterilizers, we continually stock the following quality items – we can arrange prompt delivery usually within hours in most cases: electronic tourniquets, patient monitoring, anesthesia, electrosurgical units and more. Manufacturers we stock include General Electrical, Mindray, Spacelabs and Philips

Benefits of Renting Your Facility’s Medical Equipment

Terrain presents long and short term rental options for medical equipment. Because we practice efficient and responsive best practices our reconditioned medical equipment is fully certified to fulfill the highest standards in medical field.

Among the most common needs for which our clients request equipment rentals is to receive “like-for-like” equipment replacements in the event of an emergency situation – specifically when a critical unit or piece of equipment malfunctions.

Another benefit of our competitively-priced rental services is that it allows our valuable clients to try out equipment before deciding whether they will purchase it. This useful option is very practical when it comes to sampling major equipment. Renting is also very helpful for care providers who are in the process of expanding their business. We will frequently rent our quality equipment to care practices until they’re ready to buy medical equipment.

Backup equipment rentals are essential in critical care settings. Hospitals and surgical care units have to be fully operational 24/7 – which is where our services are a major help. Terrain Biomedical provides versatile rent-to-own plans too.

Immediate Deliveries of Medical Equipment Rentals – Autoclaves

In many cases, we can provide same day rentals and repair solutions. Our experienced biomedical service technicians are ready to do equipment testing and prepare equipment for immediate delivery. We can also provider loaner equipment with pick-up services if needed. Over our many years of offering professional rental solutions for medical gear, we’ve discovered that each solutions is different – so we work hard to fulfill the needs of our clients with flexible, helpful solutions.

All of the quality medical equipment rentals we offer at Terrain are certified by our qualified service techs. Every device – from autoclaves and sterilizers to defibrillators and surgical instruments – are patient-ready, fully tested and configured for deployment. Plus, we even offer training to assure that strict safety guidelines are practiced by end users.

Medical Equipment Rentals for Emergencies, Short and Long Term Needs

Because technologies are always changing, many professionals in the medical field opt to rent their facility’s equipment before making a purchase or until the next generation of a product is introduced.
For longer term rentals, our technicians can provide a maintenance package that is ongoing at no extra cost. A few of our most popular types of medical equipment rentals are: patient monitors, surgical tables, defibrillators, electrosurgical units, table top sterilizers, autoclaves and anesthesia machines.
Terrain Biomedical’s new medical equipment finance services are designed to help you access the medical equipment you need – call us today at 773-697-8400.

Autoclave Basics

The development of the autoclave sterilizer in 1879 is credited to Charles Chamberland. At approximately that time, medical researchers were starting to learn more about the benefits of sterilized surgery. Doctors required a more dependable sterilization process than simply using an open flame. The benefits of the autoclave soon became clear and it wasn’t too long until it was an important part to have at most any clinic or hospital. An autoclave is basically utilized for the sterilization of surgical and medical equipment, lab instruments, pharmaceutical products and many other materials. An autoclave can sterilize liquids, solids and instruments of many different sizes and shapes. They range in shape and functionality. A standard autoclave is somewhat comparable to a form of pressure cooker in that each use steam to kill off bacteria, germs and spores that are resistant to boiling water and strong cleansing detergents.

Autoclave chambers are used to sterilize medical or lab devices and instruments by heating them up to the boiling point. Most care facilities are equipped with tabletop autoclaves, which are similar in their size to a standard microwave oven. Hospitals typically use large autoclaves that are also referred to as “horizontal” autoclaves. They are often located in a hospital’s sterile services department and are able to process multiple surgical tools in one sterilization cycle, which meets the continual demand for sterilized equipment within operating rooms or emergency rooms.

We Purchase Pre-Owned Medical Equipment

Each year Terrain Biomedical acquires significant inventory in high quality used medical equipment. For many care facilities, it can be hard to find an effective way of disposing of broken or unneeded equipment. Frequently, selling medical equipment at an auction may be not worth the effort and time it takes. At Terrain Biomedical, we can assist you in getting top dollar for your facility’s used and unwanted equipment. Our experience in buying used medical devices helps streamline transactions that are beneficial to all parties involved. In a lot of cases, we may purchase your equipment even if it doesn’t work or if it is outdated. Call today and learn more!

By selling your used medical equipment to us, you can avoid the steep fees you’d likely see at an auction. We aren’t just interested in moving equipment – we’re looking to obtain premier pricing for you because we understand the worth of equipment and the way it fits in the marketplace.