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Refurbished Valley Lab Force FX-C Electrosurgical Unit

Product Features

  • Monopolar Cut
  • Monopolar Coag
  • Three Bipolar Modes: Precise, Standard & Macrobipolar (All Controlled By Instant Response System)
  • Three Cut Modes: Low Cut for Delicate Tissue/Laparoscopic, Pure Cut for Precision & Blend for Cutting with Hemostasis
  • Four Coag Modes: Desiccate for Low Voltage, Fulgurate High for Efficient Noncontact, Fulgurate Low for Lower Requirements & Spray for Large Tissue Areas with Depth of Necrosis

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Refurbished Valley Lab Force FX-C Electrosurgical Unit


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The Valleylab Force FX-C is one of the most used and reliable digital, electrosurgical units in the industry. This generator features computer controlled instant response technology, designed to ensure a consistent clinical effect through all tissue types. This technology provides surgeons with improved performance at lower power settings, minimizing the risk of tissue damage and neuromuscular stimulation.

Instant Technology also allows for advanced feedback that recognizes changes in tissue 200 times per second, and adjusts for voltage/current accordingly. Not only does the increased tracking benefit the quality of service provided by the healthcare professional but it also creates a safety measure for the patients.

The Valleylab Force FX and Force FX-C models are one of the most used electrosurgical generators in the surgical suite, for both veterinary and human patients. Terrain proudly sells these reconditioned ESU model due to its user friendly interface, reliability and price point.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 4 3/8″ x 14″ x 17″
  • Weight: 18 lbs.
  • Operating Range: 85-130 AC volts

“The Valleylab Force FX-C generator works in conjuction with the CUSA System 200 and CUSA Excel for procedures where combined ultrasonic dissection and electrosurgical cutting and coagulation is desired, either simultaneously or independently. In addition to convenience, the combination of ultrasonic vibration plus simultaneous electrosurgical current prevents charring of the tip and decreases sticking and disruption of coagulum, leading to more effective hemostasis.”

(This passage/text comes directly from the Force FX-C Service/User Manual)

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