Reconditioned Masimo Rad 5V

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Product Specifications

Measurement Range:

  • SpO2 0-100%
  • Pulse Rate 25-240 bpm

Saturation Accuracy:

  • Saturation 70% to 100%
  • No motion +- 2 digits
  • Motion +- 3 digits

Pulse Rate Accuracy:

  • No motion +-3 digits
  • Motion +- 5 digits

Dimensions: 15.8×7.6×3.6 cm

Weight: 13 oz

Looking to REPAIR/CALIBRATE/CERTIFY or RENT a machine for short-term or long-term? In many cases, same day rentals are available.

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  • Masimo Set technology – accurate during motion and low perfusion
  • Lightweight, convenient unit
  • Designed for spot check monitoring
  • Long battery life
  • Hospital or home usage
  • Perfusion index indicated arterial pulse strength and may be used as a diagnostic tool during low perfusion
  • Fast start allows for rapid measurement


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