Reconditioned GE MAC 5000 ECG

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Product Features

  • 13 or 15-lead acquisition, storage and analysis
  • Late potential analysis
  • Adult and pediatric interpretation
  • Desgined for surgery centers and hospitals

Looking to REPAIR/CALIBRATE/CERTIFY or RENT a machine for short-term or long-term? In many cases, same day rentals are available.
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This is GE’s premier refurbished EKG machine that Terrain Biomedical provides to it customers. Each machine is thoroughly inspected and certified by a trained biomedical technician to ensure it is in proper working order before arriving at your facility.

The bestselling EKG system with advanced ECG applications for gender-specific interpretation, digital compact acquisition module, and multiple report formats. The MAC 5000 has a compact design for easy operations which increases productivity. This EKG system has the most extensive collection of proven algorithms on the market.

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