Reconditioned GE Dinamap Pro 1000

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Looking to REPAIR/CALIBRATE/CERTIFY or RENT a machine short-term or long-term? In many cases, same day Vital Sign Monitors rentals are available.

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The GE Dinamap Pro 1000 Vitals Monitor with EKG, Dinamap BP Technology, Nellcor SpO2, Temp and Printer is the perfect fit in any Medical setting. Anyone can detect normal blood pressure values. But where DINAMAP Blood Pressure? Technology excels is in detecting the extremes, which are more difficult to determine and more critical to get right.

There’s a reason BP, pulse, SpO2 and ECG are called vital signs. Blood pressure changes can be an early warning sign of many cardiac events. Pulse oximetry variance can be another. Apnea can take effect up to 15 seconds before an arrest. Adding a 3-lead Marquette ECG can also give you precious additional early warning response time. The GE DINAMAP Pro 1000 is a valuable patient assessment tool for unpredictable situations – rugged enough for transport even by air. The GE Dinamap Pro 1000 monitor sets the gold standard for patient vitals


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